Digital Transformation – Cloud, Block Chain technology & IoT


IoT is a vital digital transformation that companies are looking up to, to transform the way they operate by using sensors and other connected edge devices in an IoT ecosystem. With the growing multitude of devices that are connected, protecting the humongous amount of data becomes a challenge to the organization. This is where Blockchain technology comes as a saviour that combats security breaches in the IoT system.

IoT & Blockchain is most sought after across major IT giants that include the Banking, Financial services, Automotive and agriculture sector too. Not to miss out mentioning smart homes, logistics, healthcare, insurance, media and entertainment and a lot more.

Though the concept is still in its infancy, it is likely to have a massive impact in the coming years. Implementation of standard security rules and regulations will encourage the adoption of IoT-blockchain technology. By introducing new standards of data transparency and peer-to-peer communication, blockchain can add a new degree of security to the internet.

Course Duration : 3 Moths @ 5-10 hours / week

You’ll Gain

You will build a strong foundation of Software Engineering concepts and industry experts will help you learn the practical implementation of Cloud, Blockchain and IoT through real-world projects from diverse industries. This course goes a long way towards helping you unlock lucrative career opportunities in the ever-growing field of Software Engineering.

Participants will get to learn with real time projects like Block chain banking apps, instant messaging applications, face recognition system and many more happening projects.

Computer Hardware Engineers going the IoT route can expect to enter a market estimated to reach a value of USD 1256.1 billion by 2025.

Is this
course for you?

Participants can take up this course if they are:

Learners interested in enabling the development of IoT products, as well as in gleaning the data     generated by them.

Final year students from any background who aims to make career transition in blockchain after completing their graduation on or before the start of the program

Business managers, product owners, entrepreneurs, working professionals from different sectors (finance, supply chain, operations, HR, IT) looking to implement blockchain solutions in their business projects

Course Pre-requisites

A bachelor’s degree in Engineering is preferred. No prior coding experience required.


M1. Foundations of Software Engineering

M2. A peek into Iot (Internet of Things) – Data source & Networking

M3. All about IoT – Cloud

M4. Big Data processing

M5. IoT Analytics

M6. Cloud building – using applications on the Cloud

M7. Cloud – Containers & Micro services

M8. Cloud – DevOps

M9. Fundamentals of Block Chain technology

M10. Introduction to Node.js

M11. Capstone projects and career assistance

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Commonly Asked Questions 

What is IoT in a nutshell?

The Internet of Things, abbreviated IoT, expands access to the world-wide web from computers, smartphones, and other typical devices to create a vast network of appliances, toys, apparel, and other goods that can connect to the internet. These goods, which range from refrigerators to bicycles and everything in between, are equipped with computer chips, microcontrollers, and sensors that can collect and transmit data

What are the job opportunities after we complete this course?

Because the IoT relied on physical products that communicate via internet connection and sensors, the fields of Hardware and Embedded Systems present prime opportunities for Industry 4.0 employment
As of July 2020, there are over 13,000 IoT-related jobs in the US. Other than Computer Hardware Engineer, roles that can enjoy the lucrative IoT market include Embedded Systems Engineer, Raspberry Pi Developer, Arduino Developer, Marketing Manager, Content Writer, Digital Project Manager, and others.

What are the companies that hire people with IT background?

The types of places that hire people with excellent computer-centric backgrounds are some of the biggest tech companies in the world. AT&T, Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are just a few of the multi-national companies that are creating hardware and software capabilities. If you work hard in your current job or learn as much as you can about IoT & Block chain, you may be able to apply to these companies to help with these emerging new digital technologies.

What kind of career guidance would I get after completing this course?

Participants will be guided and supported by our faculty with industry experience on areas such as redesigning your existing CV to suit the market and to land your suitable job, enhancing your profile to impress recruiters, tips, and training to make you prepared to face the technical rounds of interview and ace it like an expert.

Is there an attendance criterion for this course?

Yes, the minimum attendance policy for the complete course is 80% and minimum marks in all assessments for successful course completion is 50%. You will also need to complete all the assignments and projects as per the instructions.

How do I attend the online classes?

You can attend these classes from anywhere on your laptop with an internet connection. You can join the class through a link shared to all the students before the beginning of the class.