Generative AI

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Learn Generative AI Definition Gain a solid grasp of the  fundamental concepts, models, tools, and applications. Understand what generative AI is and how it differs from traditional machine learning methods

Learn How Generative AI Works Explore the mechanisms that enable AI to generate new content or data.

Learn Generative AI Model Types Learning about different models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Variational Autoencoders (VAEs), and others.

Learn Generative AI Applications Discus various applications of generative AI, such as in art, music, text, and more.


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Generative AI Is A Hub of Job Junctions

  • Diverse Applications: Generative AI techniques find applications in a wide range of domains, including art, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, finance, marketing, and more. This diversity creates job opportunities for generative AI specialists across various industries.


  • Artificial Intelligence Research and Development: Organizations invest in research and development efforts to advance generative AI techniques, improve model capabilities, and explore novel applications. Research roles in academia, industry research labs, and technology companies offer opportunities for innovation and discovery.


  • Software Development and Engineering: Building and deploying generative AI solutions require expertise in software development, programming languages, and software engineering best practices. Roles such as AI engineers, machine learning engineers, and software developers are in high demand.


  • Data Science and Machine Learning: Data scientists and machine learning specialists leverage generative AI techniques to generate synthetic data, enhance data augmentation, and create personalized user experiences. These roles involve data preprocessing, model training, evaluation, and deployment tasks.


  • Creative Industries: Generative AI intersects with creative industries such as visual arts, music, fashion, and design, enabling artists, designers, musicians, and creatives to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of creativity. Job roles in digital art, creative direction, and multimedia production are prevalent.


  • Content Creation and Entertainment: Generative AI powers applications in content creation, including image generation, video synthesis, and storytelling. Roles in content production, media creation, and entertainment offer opportunities for professionals with skills in generative AI.


  • Startups and Entrepreneurship: The startup ecosystem is vibrant with innovative companies leveraging generative AI to disrupt traditional industries and create new market opportunities. Roles in startup companies include founders, entrepreneurs, and team members passionate about leveraging generative AI for impact.


  • Consulting and Advisory Services: Consulting firms and advisory services provide expertise and guidance to organizations embarking on generative AI projects. Roles in consulting include AI consultants, solution architects, and domain experts who assist clients in implementing generative AI solutions effectively.


  • Academic and Educational Institutions: Universities, colleges, and educational institutions offer teaching, research, and academic positions focused on generative AI. These roles involve conducting research, publishing papers, teaching courses, and mentoring students in the field of AI.


  • Ethics and Policy Development: With the growing importance of ethical AI and policy frameworks, there is a demand for professionals specializing in AI ethics, responsible AI practices, and policy development. Roles in ethics committees, regulatory bodies, and advocacy groups contribute to shaping the responsible use of generative AI.


Complete Generative AI Complete 200 hours of 100 days of 2 hrs.. per day the Generative AI Expert program with 90% attendance to Live Sessions, 85% completion of Class assignments, completion of minimum of 4 capstone projects, 4 research papers or thesis.

Complete Live Capstone Complete three live capstone project based on live data from DACH Complete fourth live capstone project based on live data from the DACH – KPMG model.

Final Assessment Live online 180 minutes – Theoretical & practical of final assessment at any location with stable internet connection. The Pass mark will be based on the Group Grading, Geographic grading and Global Grading.

Receive Certificate Upon Successful completion of Courseware, completion of assignments, completion of capstone projects, completion of assessment, the candidate will receive the certificate.

Career Coaching Attending Value added programs on 5 Group – Career Coaching sessions spanning 5 hrs. with information related to Job markets, Job availability, career progressions, Knowledge – Abilities– Skillsets related to Job interviews.

Interview Preparation Attending Value added programs on 3 sessions of Interview preparation spanning 90 minutes (30 minutes per session per Trainee* 3 times) covering interview MCQ’s, practicing interview questions – technical & Soft skills, Resume builder, listening 7 to 10 eLearning videos on Generative AI on how to clear the interviews and make it Job Ready.


Parth Sagar

  • 9 years of Professional & Consulting experience 8 years of extensive experience in Training Have trained over 1700+ Professionals across globle Close to 9 years training experience and conducted myltiple teaining in Data Science,Salesforce,AWS,R,Python and Weka across the globle-Pulished several researvch popers in SCL

Munmun Bhagat

  • 8 years of Professional & Consulting experience 6 years of extensive experience in Teaching Have trained over 1500+ Professionals across India Worked in various educational Institutes in various apacities as Assitant Professor TPO project coordinator ect.Have trained on Google Cloud,Salesforce,ghimplementer with abilities in project management

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Training Program Curriculum

Topic 01: Generative AI Introduction – Module 1

Topic 02: Prompt Engineering & Gen Texts ( Intro) – Module 2

Topic 03: Generative AI Applications – Module 3

Topic 04: Python – Module 4 & 5

Topic 05: Basics of Linux – Module 6

Topic 06: NLP – Module 7 & 8

Topic 07: Open AI APIs & Neural Network- Module 9

Topic 08: LLM – Modules 10-13

Topic 09: Generative AI on Cloud – Modules 14-15

Topic 10: ChatGPT- Modules 16-18

Topic 11: Prompt Engineering – Modules 19-20

Topic 12: Deep Learning – Modules 21

Topic 13: GAN & AI tools – Modules 22


  • Number of Weekdays: 100 Days
  • Number of Hours: 200 Hrs


  • Assessments: One Final Exam
  • Case studies: Four
  • Capstone Projects: Two Live Projects
  • Class Assessments: 50


  • Mode of Delivery: Hybrid
  • Live Classes: Yes
  • Recorded Sessions: Available for 12 months