Frequently Asked Questions

Simply go to the course of your choice, and add it to the cart. Options for discounts will be available. Add the discounts and you can begin your journey into the world of corporate learning.

Go to individual courses and add them to the cart, or go to the costing page and add the courses you are interested in into the cart.

The training is conducted through Virtual, online, and live sessions. Depending on the scale of the course at hand, the format the class is delivered in can also be decided.

While it is possible to do the Green Belt or Yellow Belt before doing the White Belt in Lean Six Sigma, it is ill-advised, considering that you will still have to take the White Belt even after getting a Green or Yellow belt. So we recommend taking the belts in the right order.

Mail at info@choolsgroup.com or sn@choolsgroup.com or call 7406733363 to express your interest.