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I recently finished a data science course with chools .I took admission in this course to gain deeper understanding of the subject and enhance my knowledge in this fast moving field.The mentors at chools were highly knowledgeable and qualified in the field of data science.
Chools provides the fantastic overall experience.
I also thank the placement team

One of the best institutions of Data science for learner/ beginner/freshers. Thanks to Parth Sir and Munmun Ma’am was really helpful for teaching us in proper detail in ideal amount of time allotted for the course. I enrolled for Munmun ma’am data science batch and she provided relevant examples to understand the concept and helped me understand the practical approach towards it.

Learning Data Science with Chools is easy. Faculty members are always there for our help in case of any doubts. I’m thankful to Parth Sir & Munmun Mam for guiding me and helping me in achieving the goals that was initially difficult but later they made it very easy for me.
Highly recommend Chools Consulting Services for Data Science course to let our career path way to next level.

I just completed a data science course at chools.I enrolled in this course with the intention of learning more about the subject and expanding my expertise in this rapidly evolving industry. I appreciate Parth Sir and Munmun Mam assisting me to reach my goals, which were first challenging but were subsequently made very simple for me.
I also appreciate the placement team..

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Marian samaan  

Central ManEx Asset Care Manager at Diageo- PepsiCo Graduate- MSc. Operations & SC Mgmt. – CLSSBB

Satish Narayanan was one of the key leaders that directed me when I was managing the productivity agenda for PepsiCo Jordan. Satish is a distinguished leader in the corporate world. As one of his team members I found him an intelligent creative visionary that balanced between challenging/motivating the team to achieve more, and coaching/understanding his reports and team members.

He always saw a potential in equipping all the talents in Jordan’s team to achieve our productivity targets and has built a pleasant relationship with all members from different levels when he led VSMs and LSS training. Satish was the initiator and main driver of the LSS agenda in PepsiCo Jordan. Personally, Satish taught me how to be patient yet dream big and his knowledge in LSS and other fields is inspiring

Senthil Kumar Sekar

                     Shell – Community leader & transformation specialist                                                       

I reported directly to Sathish Narayanan between 2011 – Q2 2014 .Sathish is very highly talented , extremely knowledgeble individual/manager that i have worked with. He has an indepth knowledge in Lean, Six Sigma and Project Management and is great at facilitating trainings and workshops. I have learned a great deal just by watching him deliver some of those sessions. 

He is great at networking across different levels in the organization which helps a great deal while deploying strategies. He played a pivotal role in scripting and deploying the capability development strategies in Shell Business Operations and has a great amount of exposure in managing the CI deploymenet across the organization. He is very grounded and approachable at all times and provided ample opportunity to groom and develop his people and im one of the living testimony to that trait of his. It was great working with you Sathish , thank you so much for all the opportunities and learnings which i got and wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do. You are a significant asses to any organization.

Sanjiv Kumar Rastogi

Project Management Office (PMO) Competency Lead, Global Function IT, Shell Hub Bangalore

I have worked with Sathish for last six years. He is an excellent Lean Six Sigma facilitator and coach..He comes across as a great leader and team manager who can gets things done. His experience in delivering training, applying lean six sigma concepts into organization and Leadership skills can be a asset to a company..


Ford Martin

                A.P. Moller – Maersk -PEX Manager / Integration Manger   

He is the most energetic, charismatic, and a vibrant Personality i have ever come across in Shell. His intellectual capabilities with regards to Lead Six Sigma concepts are incredible and I can say he is a wizard in it too. Especially when it comes to his facilitation skills, it’s an understatement to say is brilliant! 

Arijit Sarkar

Global Consulting Leader | Banking | Financial Services | Insurance Engaged in helping CIO & COO organisations transform their IT-Business models

Sathish is an extremely receptive and composed individual. He has amazing problem solving skills and was a real asset at One Source. He is a hands on individual & works well both in a team as well as an individual contributor.His knowledge of Six Sigma & analytical skills made him stand apart in the group. Extremely talented & a smart worker.

Amit Shetty

                                         CEO + Cofounder @ Campmonk.com                                                                                     

Sreedher Kadambi

Principal Consultant at SKIL, Author

Well, Sathish is a result oriented man, prepared to take up challenges and execute them to success. He indeed is worth a try for anyone who is looking to associate with him in business and profession.

James “Cosmo” Cramer

Owner at Cosmos Espresso Coffee & Tea LLC

Sathish and I worked well togeather managing our global service partners. He kept on top of current issues and provided strong workable solutions that met both our company needs and our service providers needs. He understood clearly the benefit of creating win-win solutions.

I would highly recommend him and would be honored if I had the opportunity to work with hin again.

Shanmuga Sundara Ram Murugan

Project Manager – Digital Enterprise Services and Solutions at Tata Consultancy Services

Sathish is good at planning and executing projects. He always comes with a clear vision and has the passion to drive it across the team amicably


Jeroen V.

                                                Continuous Improvement Leader                                                                                                        

Sathish is a very energizing and knowledgeable expert in the field of Lean Sigma, he has great stakeholder management skills, is a superb trainer and a very likeable colleague who is driven by delivering results fast.

Urvashi Anand Ramkumar

Reebok Running Squad Coach

Satish has been one client that any one would want to work with. He has been the most flexible client. He has been quick on providing solutions. Never made us feel like he was a client, made us feel like he was always one of us.
Satish, wish we get to work together again.

Jai A.

Global Talent Solutions | MSP/VMS | RPO | Supplier Management

Knowing Sathish for more than 9 years he is man with lots of courage, knowledge and innovation. He is a true visionary and makes his moves accordingly. The thing which I adore in him is his deep knowledge and never let go attitude.

He is a great asset to any company and I would love to work with him again.

Rizwan Mohammad

Cost Reduction/ Transformation/ Lean Deployment/SAP Implementation / Spend Efficiency/ Supply Chain Management

Satish is an excellent trainer, mentor, as a person with a superb personality & great motivator. Satish is the person whom I have always seen with positive energy. Satish has great experience in LSS deployment accross industries.He is always restless for his development of Knowledge Bank.

Ranjan Subramanya-ACMA

                                                        FP&A Client P&L                                                                                                                      

Satish was the coach for my green belt project in Shell. He has ensured that he guided me on the project right from the GB training till the completion of the project. He helped us in using the right tools for the project and ensured that we had a sound understanding of the DMAIC methodology for completion of the project. The knowledge I gained from working with Satish as immense and I am sure that will help me in any future quality projects that I undertake.

Michelle Chen

Research Director | Business Development Manager | Lean Six Sigma experienced | Executive Search

Satish is a master of his field of work. His experience and knowledge of the Lean Sigma methodology is very comprehensive, which makes him an effective trainer and advocator. He is also one who is pleasant to work with, knowing when to work hard and play hard.

Chris Brannon

                    Senior Vice President – Experience Engineering Manager at M&T Bank                                          

Sathish taught me almost everything I know about Continuous Improvement thanks his generous assistance in building our Finance Continuous Improvement programme within Shell in the Americas. His enthusiasm for the subject of continuous improvement and the fun and exciting way he teaches the subject has inspired hundreds of people in our organization and delivered ten’s of millions of dollars in measurable improvement for our business. It has been a pleasure and honor to work with and learn from Sathish.

Kapil Sahni

                                                  Chief Transformation Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Satish is a true and passionate LSS professional. His command over subject is incredible. He carries a great style as a LSS trainer. Co-facilitating training with him in Manila was my all time best experience. I appreciate his attitude of providing space to his team and provide necessary coaching, if required. I thank to him as this helped me in my development.

Krutibas Biswal PMP®, PSM

Program and Project Management | Business Excellence | Risk Management | Data Analytics | Design Thinking | Business Process Transformation |Change Management |Enterprise Agile Coach

In all my years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities Sathish is one of those people. Sathish was the trainer for my green belt project in Shell. He is well known for his intelligence, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership, diligence, etc. He is well respected throughout the organization. Throughout the time I’ve known him he has shown me time and again that he is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential.



FP&A Professional at Shell

Sathish, I call him “Anna”, He is a perfect blend of interpersonal and professional attributes, I admire his communication skills, his words are soft but very powerful. I had the opportunity to work along with him on quite a few occasions. He is a vast ocean of knowledge, very influencing and determined character. I wish him great success in his career. I will miss him but confident that we would cross across in any other career cross roads.

Stuart McLelland

Transformation / Operational Excellence / Organisational Design / Change Management

Sathish is a very enthusiastic and knowledge CI professional. He is an engaging presenter and shows great passion when delivering training. He has a wide variety of CI experience and I appreciate the knowledge he passed to me as part of my onboarding to become a fellow CI Lead.

Richard Adamson

Lead Business Improvement | Problem solver | Transformation | Operating Model changer

Energetic and passionate is what comes to mind when I think about Sathish I have had the pleasure of knowing Sathish for 6 years during which he led my Green Belt training and helped in my professionally development. Above all, I was impressed with Sathish’s ability to simplify statistical concepts and convey his passion for continuously improving personally and professionally. He would be a true asset for any positions requiring Lean and Sigma deployment capabilities and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Mohamed Hassen, MBA

Consumer Insights Manager – HBU

An incredibly talented individual and a perfect human. I was one of those lucky ones who got trained by Satish on Lean Sigma and got certified 30-day record completion of a PepsiCo Category Forecasting model. The project nature is highly complex & Big data management. Satish was instrumental in getting the maximum result in a short span of time.

His in-depth SME knowledge helped many people to get certified as such high-level recognition. I wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

Jainender Jain

Supply Chain | Reckitt | Coca-Cola | NIT/REC | MDI | Site Head | Factory Manager | Strategic Transformation | Operational Excellence | Master Black Belt| Business Excellence| Continuous improvement| Process Excellence

Sathish is someone with amazing people leadership and connect across level. He is a good friend, mentor and a great leader. wish him all the best.

Neshan Shashi

                       Manager- Transition and transformation,Continuous Improvement                                                                    ( LSSMBB, PMP, Agile )                                                                                                                                                    

The coolest mentor and a great leader with whom I did my MBB certification. The amount of rich exposure I got from him has no words to express. Thank you very much for the knowledge and support you have provided. He is the goto person for all the LSS doubts or helps. Happy to be part of your training.


Chidambara Krishnan

I help global companies achieve project success through effective IT Service Management | Senior IT Project Leader | Certified Scrum Master & Project Management Professional

Highly recommended Mr.Satish Narayanan as Head on CSI(Continous Service improvement project