Chools For you

Our vision

To be the No.1 Learning & Consulting services provider to empower Indian Youths & knowledge rich Indian Citizens by 2025.

Our Mission

➤    Achieve our vision by partnering with the  Best & Intellectual client locally and globally; With Organizations or individuals;

➤    To develop every Citizens with Impeccable Capabilities(Knowledge), Impressive Capacities (Skill) and Inspiring Competencies (Talent)

➤    To be the Premier content provider of the India’s Largest , Biggest and Widest Digital Library (Portal) Knowledge Rich India.

➤    To be the inspirational Provider of the Latest, Brightest and Wisest Learning Programs Skill Rich India.

➤    To be the Stimulating Provider of Consulting Service to enable organization become Leaner, Better and WealthierTalent Rich India.

Our Passion

➤    Bridging the Talent Deficit across India & Making Human Capital the most critical asset.

➤    Create People who will always be the greatest Value creators

➤    Develop and provide the required Tools to build Talented Communities that drive Sustained Transformation & built Empowered India

➤    Enable 260mm students to have Value based Education rather than mark based education.

➤    Create a Virtual Gurukul & Provide Value based Education at a cost Less than a Meal (Rs.200 Per Person Per Month)

Excellence For all

Choose approaches where CHOOLS excels, the client excels and the community excels.

Innovate, Create, Originate

Unleash your Talent and Potential and reach greater heights.


Nurture genuine relationships and partnerships.

Courage, Perseverance, Determination

When there is a Will, there is a Way.

Prominent not Dominant

Cause transformation through influence.

Build to Sustain

Work smart, work hard, plan short and long term.

Our Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage

➤   Differentiated One stop shop: Find all Quality Educational/ training Material & Tools for building Human and process capabilities on one hub; aggregated and developed by highly qualified subject matter experts across the globe.

➤   Cost leadership: Cost effective lean operations enabling our clients to access all educational content ( Audio Books, eBooks, Videos, researches, templates , articles and more ) and register in the latest training courses at a competitive price.

➤   Our Team-CHOOLS GROUP: We acquire a distinguished global talent; a team of knowledge holders across the continents that are able to develop and transfer to the world around us the required and more.