Demand Driven Planner

Course Overview:

Demand Driven Planner is a multi-dimensional planning and execution method to protect and promote the flow of relevant information through the establishment and the management.

Demand Driven Planning combines the still relevant aspects of the Lean, Theory of Constraints as well as the variability reduction emphasis of Six Sigma. The key elements are successfully blended through key points of innovation in the Demand Driven Planner

Supply chain planners encounter complexity and volatility every day. Forecasts are persistently less reliable. Supply chain complexity has increased. Customer willingness to wait has decreased. Inventory is more often than not is in a critical condition. Lots excess and shortages with very few parts at an optimum level.

Who Can Enroll:

Planning, purchasing and supply chain personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining a DDMRP implementation.

Professionals responsible for planning, purchasing and managing the supply chain.

Learning Outcome:

Customer lead time reduction

Volatile demand and supply variability absorption

Substantial overall inventory reduction

Application of the concepts with robust Excel-based practice problems which promote application of the DDP.

Templates for implementing these concepts in your organization.

Smoothening out lumps, to a greater extent than traditional lean manufacturing process.

Straightforward approach of identifying constraints in the production process.

Course Features:

Comprehensive practical training to enforce theoretical principles.

Limited Registrations, effective presentations.

Course could be customized to businesses and LOGO added to presentations.

Course cost cover training sessions, comprehensive notes set, support material, templates and hand-outs with soft copy.

Professionally planned, prepared and presented.

Internationally recognized certificate for lifetime validity of training completion. (Participants shall achieve 80% in CHOOLS exam)

Support from subject matter experts. Query Handling Facility.

Industry related project support. Career guidance and candidate promotion.

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Access to:

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Course Outline

Module 1: Planning in the Modern World

Module 2: The Importance of Flow

Module 3: Unlocking a Solution – Decoupling

Module 4: Becoming Demand Driven

Module 5: Strategic Inventory Positioning

Module 6: Distribution Network Positioning

Module 7: Buffer Profiles and Levels

Module 8: Dynamic Buffer Adjustments

Module 9: Demand Driven Planning

Module 10: Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution

Module 11: DDMRP and the Operational Environment

Module 12: Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning

Module 13: Program Summary