Supply chain excellence


Supply chain management techniques have become a smart tool for today’s most savvy executives.

Excellent supply chain strategies provide ways to move ahead of the competition in an increasingly complex marketplace.

Staying abreast of SCM best practices and applying innovation is a powerful way to boost corporate growth. Even minor adjustments can lead to strong ROI when it comes to saving purchasing and inventory costs, making shipping services more efficient and addressing customer service concerns head-on.

Course Duration : 3 months @ 5 hours/week

You’ll Gain

Problem-solving skills

Analytical skills

IT and communication skills

Excellent planning and time management skills

Relationship management skills

Participants get an insight into:

Procurement, Logistics optimization

Manufacturing, Contract management, Product, and supply chain innovation, Project management

Business process design and improvement

Quality management

Risk analysis

Improves Cross-functional capabilities & job protection

MORE advancement in opportunities plus a range of management pathways and options across the sector

Is this
course for you?

Personnel in the following fields can enroll for this program:

Production, logistics & distribution manager

Warehouse manager

Freight forwarder

Purchasing/operations/logistics managers

Course Pre-requisites

You should have an undergraduate education or professional experience, skills, or knowledge related to supply chain.


Product Flow goals

Lean Principles Overview, The Seven Wastes, Just-in-Time, Jidoka (error proofing)

The Agile Supply Chain, Implement Agility

The Resilient Supply Chain

Supply Chain Risk Factors

Risk vs. Efficiency, can we afford it?

Information Flow in the Supply Chain



Supply Chain Applications of Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence Background

Machine Learning Background

 What is Financial Flow?

Supply Chain Financing       Financial Statements

The Balance Sheet               The Income Statement

The Cash Flow Statement    The Cash Conversion Cycle

Calculate the CCC                 CCC Benchmarking

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Facilitator Profile

A visionary leader offering over 23+ years of notable contribution in the entire gamut of delivering executive-level consulting to service & manufacturing organizations. Leadership forte entails achievement of measurable business results in supply chain process effectiveness and efficiency, unparalleled customer satisfaction and superior market performance; leveraging deep expertise, outstanding collaboration resulting in yield of multi-million dollar benefits to the bottom line.

Commonly Asked Questions 

Will this program help me get a job in Supply Chain Management?

The certificate will help someone already in the industry improve their skills and possibly earn a promotion.

Will I get an increased salary after completing this course?

The new salary survey from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) found that supply chain managers who specialize in market intelligence are often paid more on average than those who focus on other areas. The average salary for a supply chain professional in market intelligence is $139,372 per annum. According to the survey, supply chain professionals with one or more certifications make an average of $123,041 per annum while those with no certifications make an average of $109,087.