Digital leadership and Transformation


The increase in the integration of operating systems with IT solutions has led to two major breakthroughs. Data is a valuable asset

By using digital technology, companies will be able to make enhanced decisions and capabilities.
These important breakthroughs have led to the further seeking of emerging digital technologies

Digital transformation is basically driven by the collection and use of a humongous amount of data. There are excellent tools for analyzing this data, like IoT (Internet of Things), edge computing, cloud computing, Big data & analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence). Thus, it isn’t surprising that an increasing number of companies take to Digitally transforming their organizations to fully unlock the potential of these technologies.

Companies can mitigate market risks, provide increased customer satisfaction, enhance performance, and become ready to face future challenges by bringing about a conscious change through Digital Transformation.

You’ll Gain

Developing a digital business model and vision

Using tools such as customer journey maps to create a digital experience

Preparing the organization for a digital culture

Gain insights into new business practices with a focus on innovation, design thinking principles & entrepreneurship

Craft a compelling Digital Vision

Develop a Digital Business Model

An understanding of the impact of emerging technologies on business transformation

Build the Digital Partnership that serve your digital model

Develop a Digital Roadmap through a digital gap analysis

Is this
course for you?

Digital transformation technology program is for senior level executives such as

Business and IT leaders involved in digital strategy and transformation.

Consultants advising clients on their digital initiatives.

Entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and who want to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging innovative technologies and digital solutions.

CEOs, COOs, CTOs, business leaders or function heads who are engaged in strategic planning and want to explore new opportunities by leveraging transformation and disruption.

Course Pre-requisites

Graduate/Diploma (10+2+3) in any discipline with minimum of 7+ years of work experience. Postgraduate in any discipline with minimum of 5+ years of work experience.

Prior Experience in business or IT field.


Leading your organization into the Digital world
Getting the digital vision through Technology
Building Agile business through Digital Transformation
Strategic tools and techniques for strategic business transformation
Transformation through Innovation
Developing digital road map and best practises
Cloud Computing & Block Chain technology

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Facilitator Profile

A visionary leader offering over 23+ years of notable contribution in the entire gamut of delivering executive-level consulting to service & manufacturing organizations. Leadership forte entails achievement of measurable business results in supply chain process effectiveness and efficiency, unparalleled customer satisfaction and superior market performance; leveraging deep expertise, outstanding collaboration resulting in yield of multi-million dollar benefits to the bottom line.

Commonly Asked Questions 

What can I expect from this course?

Participants will be strengthening their knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Digital Transformation and Business Analytics. You will also learn how to use innovation frameworks and make better strategic decisions for your organizations.

What are the topics that will be covered?

You will learn topics like automation and the future of work, mobile apps, chatbots, digital payments, influencer marketing, IoT, blockchain, and more under digital transformation.

What is the time that should be spent to complete this program?

At least 8-10 hours per week of time commitment is expected to be able to complete the program.

Can I attend just a few modules that I’m interested in?

No, the program is designed to be completed in its entirety and cannot be taken as standalone modules.