Certified Procurement Professional


CERTIFIED PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONAL is one of the most sought-after certifications by organizations who are looking to hire professionals in the Supply Chain Industry especially for areas such as Strategic Sourcing where the manager is expected to be competent to manage products/services worth Billions of dollars.

This program is a must for professionals who are entrusted with the responsibility of optimizing the company’s spending and cost savings by systematically developing strategies through research.

You’ll Gain

An Understanding about the Procurement & Supply Management Cycle and its objectives.

Overview of Strategic Supply Management Processes.

Insight into Cost Management & optimization of cost.

Strategies & Tactics of Effective Negotiation.

Contract Management keeping in mind Compliance and Risk Mitigation.

Supplier Relationship Management & Exit Strategy.

Insights into Strategic Sourcing and Implementation.

Legal Implications of Procurement.

This is one of the most sought-after certifications in supply chain professionals who are into strategic sourcing and material handling.

Certified professionals earn up to 18% more than their non-certified peers.

Is this
course for you?

Course is best suited for:

Participants can be:

Individuals preferably having a work experience of 2 years in Supply chain/procurement/logistics distribution & transport can take up this training.

Most ideal for procurement professionals who are expected to bring about cost saving opportunities for their organization.

It is a must-do for Supply chain professionals who are responsible for developing strategies for improved performance.

Course Pre-requisites

Work experience at a senior level or as a Team leader in at least one of the below:

    • Supply Chain
    • Procurement
    • Purchasing Warehousing
    • Distribution
    • Logistics Industry is required

Course curriculum

Understanding the procurement process

  • Reviewing Formal Corporate Procurement Process
  • Procure to Pay process
  • Corporate governance in Procurement Process
  • Digitization in Procurement Process
  • Category Management

Market research and analysis

  • Research Skills in SCM/Procurement Industry
  • Primary Research
  • Guest Lecture on Primary Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Primary Vs Secondary Research
  • How Should social media Be Used in Market Research
  • Current Market Research Trends
  • Primary Vs Secondary Research
  • How Should social media Be Used In Market Research
  • Current Market Research Trends
  • Porter’s Five Force Analysis
  • Pestle Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Magic Quadrant Analysis
  • Supplier Ranking & Capability Matrix
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Financial Risk Analysis
  • Demand Forecasting

Price forecasting

  • Price Forecasting – CAGR & Linear Regression
  • Price Forecasting – Multiple Regression
  • Price Forecasting – Weighted average regression and Time-series Analysis

Supply chain management introduction

  • Procurement Management
  • Stores Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Goal of Supply Chain
  • Procurement with Examples
  • Green Supply Chain Management and reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Reverse Auctions
  • How to implement Procure to Pay (P2P) and Source to Pay (S2P)
  • Procurement Planning & Implementation – Spend Analysis, Kraljic’s Matrix, Measuring KPIs and Supplier Performance Assessment
  • Leverage Procurement to Realize Cost Savings
  • Manufacturing/ Production with Examples
  • Distribution (Warehouse location, Customer allocation, Demand forecasting, Inventory management, etc.)
  • Logistics (selection of logistics mode, selection of ports, direct delivery, vehicle scheduling, 3PL, 4PL etc.)
  • Global Logistics and Transportation

Lean manufacturing and quality concepts

  • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing at Toyota
  • Lean Manufacturing Example at Toyota Plant Kentucky
  • 5S Standard Work Video
  • Lean Manufacturing – Visual Management and 5S
  • Visuals of Warehouse, Fork lift etc from Toyota
  • Lean Manufacturing Tour
  • Toyota 5S(S2P)
  • Kanban explained with an example
  • Kanban Explanation
  • Kanban Pull Simple Demo
  • Pull System and Kanban Demonstrated
  • Seven Wastes Found in Manufacturing
  • Top 10 Reasons to Implement Kanban
  • Kaizen Overview (Lean Manufacturing)
  • Kaizen Workshop
  • Six Sigma Samurai
  • Toyota Production System – The 5 Ss in a Shop Environment

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Facilitator Profile

A visionary leader offering over 23+ years of notable contribution in the entire gamut of delivering executive-level consulting to service & manufacturing organizations. Leadership forte entails achievement of measurable business results in supply chain process effectiveness and efficiency, unparalleled customer satisfaction and superior market performance; leveraging deep expertise, outstanding collaboration resulting in yield of multi-million dollar benefits to the bottom line.

Commonly Asked Questions 

what are the benefits of Procurement professional course?

The list is indeed big.
Face and solve the supply chain challenges with the acquired skill set
Increasing your earning potential and credibility in the job market
This course gives you the competitive edge required in today’s business world.
Understand the framework and resources that are available in the supply chain to maximize opportunities.
Makes you a globally Certified Professional in Supply Chain domain

Who will be training us?

We have industry experts with multiple years and domain of experience who come forward to share and impart their knowledge with you.

What qualification do you need for procurement professional?

It is preferred that candidates who have earned a bachelor degree in a related area such as business or economics, logistics, supply chain management or purchasing, Can take up procurement jobs.