6S In A Workplace – Professional Certification

Course Overview:

Aims to build the knowledge of the participants related to the 6S concept, methodology and execution strategy.

The course guides the participants in setting an action plan for applying and implementing 6S in the workplace to enhance efficiency and productivity. It initiates a continuous improvement journey, extending to TQM, TPM and lean strategy. Implementation of 6S will assist the organization in setting the foundation for waste elimination. It creates an operative safe work environment that helps employees to work productivity and efficiently. 6S could be implemented in all types of organizations. Offices or manufacturing plants, small or large businesses, in public or private sectors. It could also be driven by all team members if guided the right way.

6S is the foundation for adopting the Lean principles.

Who Can Enroll:

Leaders or Organizations who intend to advance 6S Journey, LSS, TPM, or TQM.

Subject matter experts or individuals that are keen to build a Lean tools knowledge.

Course Features:

Training provided Onsite, Classrooms or Online

No Exam; No required project

Training certificate for course completion

Company Customized courses available (Submit RFQ): Customization of curriculum to business, Number of attendees (10-30), Electronic Curriculum included in price; printed binders available for extra fee & Logo added to 6S Presentation (Optional). Travel Costs to site not included.

Learning Outcome:

Build a comprehensive knowledge about the origin and objectives of 5S.

Know about the development of 5S to 6S

Build knowledge and skill of 6S concepts and execution strategy.

Asses the organization position in 6S.

Set an action plan of driving 6S in the organization and develop a strategy of execution.

Develop leadership, presentation, persuasion and influential skills to drive the journey.

Explore how to extend the 6S strategy initiate Total Quality Management, Total productive Maintenance, Lean six sigma.

Why Choose Chools?

Access to:

• Top 100,000 Ebooks.
• 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
• 1 million excel templates.
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• 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
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Course Content

5S origin, concepts, and development to 6S

Organization status assessment

Setting an action plan and execution strategy in place

Organization behavior and How to lead, persuade 6S across the organization

Sort principles and implementation

Shine principles and implementation

Store principles and implementation

Standardize principles and implementation

Sustain principles and implementation

6S as a foundation of Lean

6S as a foundation of TQM

6S as a foundation of TPM