Union and Industrial relations 

Union and Industrial relations 

➤   Industrial Conflicts and their resolutions have always been a vital topic of research amongst scholars. While some consider conflicts as destructive and disruptive, some others feel it creates awareness and paves the way for internal improvement.

➤   Having said this, the goal of any business is ultimately, and undoubtedly, economic growth and profit-making. This goal of any organization would be unattainable unless there is a good relationship between the employers and the employees. This rapport between the two most important divisions of an industry is simply called Industrial Relations.  This relationship can be influenced or mediated by trade unions. As trade unions are a representation of the working cluster, it becomes quite important to maintain harmonious relations with its members.

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➤   A business needs to identify and avert the occurrence of disputes between the employer and the trade union. This becomes essential for the undisrupted functioning of the production and steady productivity. In an event of dispute between the management and the employees, the union stages protest to show their dissatisfaction. This is called ‘industrial action’. Industrial action, if arises needs to be dealt with skilled and experienced negotiators and legal advisors as soon as possible to ensure the dispute is resolved.

What Chools Consulting brings to the table: 

➤   We have a dedicated team of lawyers and negotiators who are well read with the functioning and the legal implications associated with trade unions.

Our array of service enlists the following:

✔   We assist in maintaining smooth relations with the unions.

✔   We clearly demarcate the boundaries of rights for union and non-union members.

✔   We advise on matters concerning freedom of association.

✔   We manage and conduct activities smoothly to minimize or avert industrial action.

✔   We help with negotiating terms with the unions and bargaining when a dispute arises.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, there are certain important and distinctive aspects that our Consulting team caters to.

Dealing redundancies:

➤   This scenario of dealing with dismissing workers have to be done after consultation with the “appropriate representatives”, and by abiding by the norms of collective consultation with a view of arriving at an agreement with the concerned employees.

➤   The ‘Employee Appeal Tribunal’ has emphasized the importance of individual consultation, which enables an employee to have the chance to comment and represent himself.

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment Regulations)2006:

➤   A TUPE transfer can arise in specific situations when a business is either sold or merged with another business, or when a business is contracted out. The TUPE provides the norms when an existing employer transfers his employees to a new employer.

Health and Safety:

➤   Safety and health of the workers is the top priority of any business with regards to the nature of the work they are involved in. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 have emphasized the duties of an employer to make sure the health, safety and welfare of the workers are taken care of, especially when their work involves risk in the nature of the activity.

Other Labor Laws pertaining to:

✔   Pensions,

✔   ICA(Information and Consultation Agreements),

✔   ICE(Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004,

✔   TULCRA(Trade Union and Labor Relations Act 1992),

✔   Employment Relations Act 1999(Blacklists) Regulations 2010,

➤   have all been brought into action for protecting the rights of the employees and the trade unions and for specifying the employer’s responsibilities towards discharging his duties.

➤   Neglecting good industrial relations can cause undesired results. Maintaining harmonious relations is the key to continuity in production and boosting the morale of the workers.

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