Transformational Leadership

Course Overview:

How do you transform leaders? How do you make them better at being, well, for lack of a better term, better leaders? How do you transform them?
Easy questions that come with difficult answers. Luckily, there is a well-established theory about Transformational Leadership that has already been set in stone. A theory that posits how it is possible for leaders to work with their teams to create a vision, identify the changes required to bring that vision to life, and in the end, inspire them to bring that vision to life.

Who Can Enroll:

A leader who wants to effect actual and lasting change in their workforce, and who wants to bring forth lasting and profitable outcomes. Anyone who wants to create in themselves a better leader, and transform their style of leadership. Come from any background, be it a supervisor, manager, a CEO, or COO of a company; or an entrepreneur, who needs to learn the nuances of good leadership. These are the people who stand to gain the most from this course.

Learning Outcome:

  • You inspire your followers to achieve.
  • Project your sense of self to that of the project(s) and the collective identity of the organization.
  • Challenge your workforce to take more ownership of everything that they do.
  • Find your followers strengths and weaknesses, aligning them to tasks best suitable for them.
  • Become someone who has tolerance for the mistakes made by their followers. A person who knows how to turn them in their favor.
  • Be one who establishes a strong relationship with their followers. A supportive resource that the organization and the followers can turn to for leadership.

Course Features:

  • Comprehensive practical training to enforce theoretical principles.
  • Limited Registrations, effective presentations.
  • Course can be customized to the needs of different businesses and LOGO added to presentations.
  • Course cost covers training sessions, a set of comprehensive notes, support material, templates and hand-outs with soft copy.
  • Professionally planned, prepared and presented.
  • Internationally recognized certificate for lifetime validity of training completion. (For this, Participants must achieve 80% in the CHOOLS exam)
  • Support from subject matter experts. Query Handling Facility
    Industry related project support. Career guidance and candidate promotion.

Why Choose Chools?

Access to:

• Top 100,000 Ebooks.
• 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
• 1 million excel templates.
• 60,000 business documents.

• 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
• 40,000 audio podcast.
• 550 audio library books.
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• 1500 training courses.
• 2.6 million Journals and articles.
• 137 Lean Six Sigma toolkit.
• Leadership assessments.
• Quiz, Exam prep, Q&As, Case-studies.

Course Outline:

  • How to be emotionally intelligent.
  • The essentials of being team-centric.
  • How to be a visionary.
  • Inspiring your workforce.
  • How to be Inclusive.
  • Initiating collaboration. What to do, and what not to.
  • Transactional Leadership vs Transformational Leadership – The quintessential differences.
  • Teaching future leaders how to embrace responsibilities.
  • Openness – Helping new leaders keep the door open to new ideas.
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