TPM Focused Improvement

Course Overview:

Basic Introduction: Focus improvement incorporates exercises that are created by useful groups or independently. They will likely boost the effectiveness of the hardware and abate the organization’s misfortunes and waste.

Focused Improvement entails the execution of short span projects and events by small teams working proactively to measure and analyze defined data, set improvement plans and control measures to

  • Solve problems within the operations,
  • Reduce waste and improve output process measures including overall equipment efficiency and productivity.

Who Can Enroll:

The course is designed for Top Manager & Supervisor.

Course Features:

  • Attaining CHOOLS Group FI professional Certification through achieving 80% in the exam included in the course and completing project in a manufacturing entity.
  • Material and Handouts with Soft Copy included.
  • Course cost cover training sessions, comprehensive notes set.
  • Professionally planned, prepared, and presented.
  • Guidelines and Support material is provided to all participants.
  • Certificate of training completion.
  • Support from subject matter experts.

Learning Outcome:

  • You can attain an overall knowledge of the eight pillars of TPM.
  • Plan and establish a strategy for FI implementation.
  • Master Lean Six Sigma Concept and strategy and learn how to lead the teams in effective execution.
  • Master and execute the DMAIC process.
  • Identify baselines, key performance measures, and set data collection, tracking, and communication methods.
  • Initiate and execute Kaizen events to reduce waste and improve OEE and productivity.
  • Learn and execute the SMED /PITSTOP strategy to reduce planned downtime.
  • Understand the seven types of waste.
  • Understand OEE and the six losses.
  • Understand and conduct the different problem-solving methods.
  • Understand and conduct the various root cause analysis methods.
  • Building effective communication, leadership, and presentation skill.

Why Choose Chools?

Access to:

• Top 100,000 Ebooks.
• 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
• 1 million excel templates.
• 60,000 business documents.

• 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
• 40,000 audio podcast.
• 550 audio library books.
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• 1500 training courses.
• 2.6 million Journals and articles.
• 137 Lean Six Sigma toolkit.
• Leadership assessments.
• Quiz, Exam prep, Q&As, Case-studies.

Course Outline:

  • Module1:TPM strategy and overview: Foundation and Pillars
  • Module2: Zero Loss Journey
  • Module3:FI Pillar: Planning and implementation
  • Module4:FI Phase assessments and Mater plan creation.
  • Modul5:FI-LSS Site Leadership and Sponsorship
  • Module6: Lean six sigma: Concept and application
  • Module7: DMAIC
  • Module8: Seven types of waste
  • Module9: Loss Analysis Process
  • Module10: OEE (True efficiency and Running efficiency) and the six losses: Tracking And improvement
  • Module11: Key performance measures identification, measurement, tracking and Module12: communication.
  • Module13:Scoreboards
  • Module14: Kaizen Events
  • Module15:Value stream Mapping
  • Module16: Gemba walk
  • Module17:Problem solving methods
  • Module18: Root cause analysis methods
  • Module19: Efficient change over: SMED or PITSTOP
  • Module20: Team Engagement and capability building.
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