Successfully Managing People

Managing people seems to be the easiest job in the world, unless you are the manager!
Managing a workforce, be it small or large, requires a kind of calm temperament and finesse that most people tend to overlook. And if you need to work on those skills that will make you a better manager, and help you get more out of your workforce, this is the course for you.

Who Can Enroll –
Literally any person who is working for a managerial post can enroll for this course.
Learning Outcomes –
There are many things to be learnt from this course. So let’s take a look at it all.

⦁ Learn how to delegate duties across the workforce

⦁ You learn how to communicate wisely.

⦁ Learn how to set goals for your workforce. Know that the greatest way to increase productivity is to set a benchmark that everyone aspires to.

⦁ Cannot stress this enough. But it will let you finally listen to your employees, and take not of their concerns.

⦁ Not a hard thing to do, but it will finally let you understand your employees. On both professional and personal levels. Their dreams, their ideas, their aspirations.

Keen attention to detail.

Course features
Comprehensive practical training to enforce theoretical principles.
Limited Registrations, effective presentations.
Course can be customized to the needs of different businesses and LOGO added to presentations.
Course cost covers training sessions, a set of comprehensive notes, support material, templates and hand-outs with soft copy.
Professionally planned, prepared and presented.
Internationally recognized certificate for lifetime validity of training completion. (For this Participants must achieve 80% in the CHOOLS exam)
Support from subject matter experts. Query Handling Facility
Industry related project support. Career guidance and candidate promotion.

Why Choose Chools –
Access to:
⦁ Top 100,000 E-books.
⦁ 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
⦁ 1 million excel templates.
⦁ 60,000 business documents.
⦁ 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
⦁ 40,000 audio podcast.
⦁ 550 audio library books.
⦁ 50,000 video libraries.
⦁ 1500 training courses.
⦁ 2.6 million Journals and articles.
⦁ 137 Lean Six Sigma toolkit.
⦁ Leadership assessments.
⦁ Quiz, Exam prep, Q&As, Case-studies.

Course Outline

⦁ Learn how to communicate your ideas and vision to your employees.
⦁ Know when to take control and be in command.
⦁ Learn how to be personal and engaged with employees.
⦁ Gamify work. Make work easy for your employees by making it less work, and more play.