Benefits Of Master Black Belt

What is Master Black Belt?

Master Black Belt (MBB) is a management qualification for strategically leading continuous improvement in an organization while working closely with leadership. An MBB’s biggest skill is to pick and execute suitable methods for a short-term or a long-term business challenge.

A Business Excellence Master Black Belt has the ability to utilize advanced Lean methods, model building & simulation, creative approaches, theory of constraints, and comparison methods. In addition, an MBB needs to know how technology approaches in Business Analytics and Robotic Process Automation can be put to good use for business results.

What is required for Master Black Belt certification?

10+ years of experience with black belt certification and completion of 6 to 7 projects and mentored 25+ green belt till certification.

How long does it take to get a Business Excellence Master Black Belt?

A Master Black Belt qualification will require about 6-8 weeks if Black Belt certification is already completed.

While completing classes and practice sessions take only weeks, building thorough competence will take months or years of practice. A Master Black Belt needs to work closely with the leadership team to be able to apply his learning and hone his skills further. For quick results, it is best for a company to partner with an expert external consultant to build this competence with application orientation.

Methodology and Examination

The program is divided into 5 competencies that are deemed essential for Six Sigma experts to practice in both contemporary and future times. Thus, Master Black Belt is trained to become perfect guides to mentor green belt and black belt professionals. Here are the five competencies referred to above:

  • Advanced Statistics for Six Sigma – 8 Credits
  • Data Analytics using R – 8 Credits
  • Lean Practitioner – 8 Credits
  • Productivity Tutorial
  • Design thinking – 32 Credits

These competencies impart a wide range of skills such as data analysis (Advanced Statistics & Data Analytics using R), waste reduction (Lean Practitioner), process automation (Robotic Process Automation), and creating innovative solutions (Design Thinking Approach). Learners need to gain 70 credits and pass each training to qualify for Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification. The exemption is based on either prior completion or possession of professional experience in the respective competencies.

About the Course

  • Duration/Mode:80 hours of core instructor-led sessions+ 50 hours of e-Learning + 24 hours of instructor-led brush-up sessions
  • Trainers: Internationally acclaimed Certified Master Black Belt trainers having 10+ years of industry experience. The trainers not only have extensive subject matter expertise but also possess an enormous experience of training over 2,000+ individuals globally. Learners can attend multiple sessions with different trainers.
  • Alumni Status: Earn the prestigious Henry Harvin® alumni status and become part of the strong 18,000+ alumni network across the globe.
  • Free Access: Get access to a huge library of 100+ resources, including case studies, applications in diverse functions & interest areas, papers, articles, and much more.
  • Live Projects: Experience real industry projects during the training.
Acquire Authentic Growth Traits

Become an expert in leading and managing team leads and business heads across different verticals in the organization with an in-depth insight into Six Sigma methodologies and best practices.

Best-in-class Curriculum

Chools has an extensive curriculum designed with guidance from the best industry mentors. The course aims to provide a thorough understanding of the DMAIC model, conforming to Six Sigma principles and methodologies, and knowledge of lean concepts.

Train Under Qualified Professional’s Mentorship

Henry Harvin Master Black Belt training is delivered by Master Black Belts or seasoned Six Sigma practitioners from the industry.

The national average salary for a Certified Green Belt in 2019 is $95,261 per year in the United States according to, the #1 job site in the world available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.

For Certified Black Belts, the national average salary is $126,551 per year. For Certified Master Black Belts, the average salary is even more at $205,000 per year.


Did you know that Quality experts/professionals save a million bucks for companies in various sectors such as IT, healthcare, chemical, manufacturing, and many more using a data-driven approach of Lean Six Sigma methodologies? If you too, want to learn a similar approach and build a career in Quality Management, this course is certainly for you.

A Master Black Belt is responsible for the strategic deployment of Six Sigma procedures/methodologies within his organization. The MBB expert promotes and sustains improvement exercises in all business areas of the organization and its suppliers & customers.

No major or critical prerequisites are required to attend the IQF Certified Master Black Belt Exam. However, formal Lean Six Sigma training is recommended from a verified Lean Six Sigma instructor or corporate program to clear the exam. Prior experience, at a certain level, of applying real-world Lean Six Sigma practices would be strongly recommended prior to taking up Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification. Aspirants can complete Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

Our MBB course is created and managed by the Black Belt Professionals. The lectures include slides, text, videos, and additional resources. In addition, mentors can append quizzes, practice tests, and assignments to expand the participant’s learning experience

When an upper-level individual within an organization is chosen to go through Six Sigma Master Black Belt training, the organization will be improved immensely. These individuals are one step ahead of Black Belts because they have supplementary practice doing Six Sigma projects. Six Sigma Master Black Belts will help their business achieve success in the marketplace, increase productivity and improve processes for the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction through the highest quality products and services. They will work closely with the Black Belt leaders by sharing their objectives and efforts.