Manufacturing and Warehouses

Course Overview:

To achieve operational excellence. The first key is to create a set of key performance indicators, related to the whole value chain. Measure them, and communicate those regularly to predict the effective improvement plans. The course suggests a set of Key performance indicators related to manufacturing and supply chain for a fast-moving consumer goods entity. The stages for which those KPIs are leveraged within the teams are also taught.  The M&W system is a robust one that enables the organization to execute the 5C Model and will enable participants to lead their teams to deliver operational excellence.

Who Can Enroll:

  • Manufacturing managers
  • Supply chain managers

Course Features:

  • Process improvement resources, lean six sigma resources, and resources, and resources.
  • Material and templates included in course cost.
  • To achieve certification, participants shall achieve 80% in CHOOLS exam
  • Course could be customized for organization requirements including company LOGO.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the importance of measuring, evaluating and communicating performance.
  • Understand the four stages of M&W.
  • Understand the KPI’s and the calculations related to Manufacturing and warehousing and the processes embedded within including environmental sustainability.
  • Create measure maps and apply them to the business.
  • Develop scorecards and daily management systems.
  • Develop action plans to improve KPI’s.
  • Understand and apply visualization.
  • Understand the 5C model. (Collect -Calculate-Create -Compass -Communicate)

Why Choose Chools?

Access to:

  • Top 100,000 Ebooks.
  • 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
  • 1 million excel templates.
  • 60,000 business documents.
  • 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
  • 40,000 audio podcast.
  • 550 audio library books.
  • 50,000 video libraries.
  • 1500 training courses.
  • 6 million Journals and articles.
  • 137 Lean Six Sigma toolkit.
  • Leadership assessments.
  • Quiz, Exam prep, Q&As, Case-studies.

Course Outline:

  • M&W overview
  • Stage 0- Measure maps creation
  • Stage 1A- measuring set KPIs
  • Manufacturing KPIs
  • Supply Chain KPIs
  • Health and Safety KPIs
  • Environmental sustainability KPIs
  • Stage 1B- Improving results and action plan creation.
  • Stage 2- communication and visualization
  • Integrating M&W with the 5C Model.