Running Lean LSS

Course Overview:

The information about Lean is a certain something and applying lean is another. Running Lean is a course that confers the ideas and systems set forward by the significant involved book ‘Running LEAN’. Running Lean is a guide for pioneers and businesspeople to locate a deliberate methodology for repeating their underlying Plan or “Plan A” to a doable material arrangement before assets run out. The course will receive Maurya’s procedures and strategies set forward in the book to give a superior quicker approach to fruitful new businesses through  principally analyzing the vision in importance to client conduct, drawing in the client along the item improvement cycle and dealing with both item and market approval in equal .

Who Can Enroll:

Business managers, CEOs, Praoduct Developers, Programmers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Small business people, Innovators founders and Co-founders.

Course Features:

Material included in the courses cost.

Certification will be granted by CHOOLS Lean Master or Master Black Belts.

Course could be customized for organization requirements including company LOGO.

Course will include case studies and practical application and team interaction and collaboration.

Learning Outcome:

Identifying the problem and then study the solutions

Recognizing the issue and afterward study the arrangements

Find your early customer

Find the best time to raise funding and minimize the amount needed.

Evaluation at the best pricing.

Learn the strategies that would help you decide what product to launch, the best Price

Learn to create and measure what the customers are looking for.

Learn techniques and strategies of how to maximize speed, learning and focus.

Learn what product/market Fit is.

Learn how to iterate to product/market fit.

Why Choose CHOOLS?

Access to:

  • Top 100,000 E books.
  • 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
  • 1 million excel templates.
  • 60,000 business documents.
  • 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
  • 40,000 audio podcasts.
  • 550 audio library books.
  • 50,000 video libraries.
  • 1500 training courses.
  • 6 million Journals and articles.
  • 137 Lean Six Sigma toolkit.
  • Leadership assessments.
  • Quiz, Exam prep, Q&As, Case-studies.

Course Outline

Module 1

Road Map

Meta- principles

Running Lean illustrated

Module 2

Document your Plan A

Create your Lean Canvas

Module 3

Identify The key riskiest parts of your plan

Prioritize where to start

Get ready to experiment

Module 4

Systematically test your plan

Understand the problem

Define solution

Validate Qualitatively

Verify Quantitatively