Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is the highest level of certification related to the Six Sigma improvement process methodology. Master Black Belts are experienced in handling complex business practices, implementing specialized programs in micro and macro-organizations, and moving smoothly and quickly between various aspects within organizations.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a complete course for the Six Sigma through the implementation of DMAIC or DMADV Projects The Candidate will gain an extensive understanding of the DMAIC OR DMADV methodologies. The candidate will acquire benefits from the direct involvement with the analytical tools

The Certified Master Black Belt is a well sought-after designation in an organization. Master Black Belts receive in-depth training on Six Sigma statistical tools and the process improvement methodologies.

Course Duration : 3 months @5-10 hours/week

You’ll Gain

 Project Determination- Participants get to learn the tools and techniques for project determination

 Insight into defining and intervention to avoid project from failing.

 Drawing up a pipeline for the projects

 How to improve key projects with the help of analysis tools.

 Understanding the organizational culture and its implications.

 Get to understand human dynamics to deal with the projects in a better manner.

Assess the appropriate collection of Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Process data, both internal and external

Is this
course for you?

The target audience for the ASQ MBB certification are candidates who are or have been employed as MBBs within their organization, or well qualified certified Six Sigma Black Belts who have substantial experience in each of the major topic areas within the portfolio.

Course Pre-requisites

No major or critical prerequisites are required to attend the Certified Master Black Belt Exam. However, formal Lean Six Sigma training is recommended from a verified Lean Six Sigma instructor or corporate program to clear the exam. Prior experience, at a certain level, of applying real-world Lean Six Sigma practices would be strongly recommended prior to taking up Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification.

A minimum 4 years previous experience executing Six Sigma Projects in a Black Belt capacity (or equivalent) is required.



Enterprise-wide planning

Strategic planning tools and methods-Hoshin Kanri, SWOT, PEST, PESTLE, Ansoff matrix, Porters five forces.

Improvement methodologies & pipeline management.

Improvement methodologies & pipeline management.

Organizational Competencies for Deployment

This module will guide you through the organizational Competencies for deployment. Learn to Apply systems thinking to anticipate the effect that components of a system can have and execute Leadership Roles. Support functioning of Master Black Belts through plans. Learn about the organizational performance metrics.

  • Organizational Design
  • Executive and Team
  • Organizational Challenges
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational Feedback
  • Organizational Performance Metrics

Project Portfolio Management

Learn about Project Portfolio Management in this module. Evaluate critical projects and apply phases of project management life cycle. Learn to create document tracking tools and more. Execute positioning of multiple projects and measure the performance

  • Project Management Principles and Life Cycle
  • Project Portfolio Infrastructure and Management
  • Project Portfolio Financial Tools

Training Design and Delivery

This module will guide you through various training design and delivery methodologies. Discover training requirements by using tools as a gap analysis & design training plans. Learn to outsource training methods and monitor the training effectiveness

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Plan Elements
  • Training Materials and Curriculum Development
  • Training Program Effectiveness

Coaching and Mentoring Responsibilities

Learn about the various Coaching and mentoring responsibilities in this module. Candidates will use coaching, mentoring and intervention skills to create a career progression ladder for belts. Learn to create guidelines for project reviews

  • Executives and Champions
  • Teams and Individuals

Advanced Data Management and Analytic Methods

This module will equip you with the knowledge of advanced data management and analytic methods. Learn about the measurement Systems analysis, Process capability, and more. Gain skills and knowledge of Design of experiments and data management and analytics

  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Process Capability, and Control
  • Measuring and Modelling Relationships Between Variables
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • DFSS (Design for Six Sigma)

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Facilitator Profile

A visionary leader offering over 23+ years of notable contribution in the entire gamut of delivering executive-level consulting to service & manufacturing organizations. Leadership forte entails achievement of measurable business results in supply chain process effectiveness and efficiency, unparalleled customer satisfaction and superior market performance; leveraging deep expertise, outstanding collaboration resulting in yield of multi-million dollar benefits to the bottom line.

Commonly Asked Questions 

Why should I attend this course?

Did you know that Quality experts/professionals save a million bucks for companies in various sectors such as IT, healthcare, chemical, manufacturing, and many more using a data-driven approach of Lean Six Sigma methodologies? If you too, want to learn a similar approach and build a career in Quality Management, this course is certainly for you.

What does this program include?

Our MBB course is created and managed by the Black Belt Professionals. The lectures include slides, text, videos, and additional resources. In addition, mentors can append quizzes, practice tests, and assignments to expand the participant’s learning experience

Is this course worth doing?

Of course, employers are willing to pay this difference because a Six Sigma Belt is worth it to them. A typical Six Sigma Black Belt will deliver $1 million per year in improvements. To accomplish this, they must learn many things which make it possible for them to successfully complete improvement projects.