IOT Consulting

IOT Consulting

➤   At Chools Consulting we see IoT as a significant step for any business to merge into the wave of Digital Transformation. Chools consultants are here to extend their hands-on-expertise to curate the best IoT solution for your business.

➤   Be it a new strategy for your digital transformation or fine tuning the existing strategy, our team of experts will help you make the best use of technological developments and tune them in accordance with the business goals.

Laying the foundation stone:

➤   Planning – Chools IoT Consulting team will aid in analyzing the unique characteristics of your business to curate a suitable IoT and chalk out the benefits that the business may accrue in the long term.

➤   IoT to meet the goals Our team will do a detailed study on the peculiarities and cater to the challenges that are unique to the business. This will be in accordance with your business’s long-term goals, and the expected capabilities to be delivered by the future IoT solution.

➤   IoT Roadmap – Our experts will represent the IoT deliverables into a well-structured roadmap of how the solution shall be implemented.

➤   Choosing the right architecture and technology – Depending on the functionalities of the future IoT, we will curate and deploy the specific architecture and technology to supplement the goals of your business, in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

➤   Securing the IoT strategy – Preventing the misuse of data and securing the information is as important as developing the IoT strategy itself. Chools Consulting ensures that your company’s data is securely used and in accordance with the standards and regulations that govern the usage of such vital information.

➤   Testing solutions (POC) – Bringing into action an effective system to test the newly implemented IoT strategy will rule out incompetencies in the architecture design of the solution. This Proof of Concept is done by our team of experts before the IoT is rolled out across the entire organization.

➤   Drafting the requirements for IoT solutions – It becomes important to create a well-founded description of an IoT solution. For this, our dedicated team shall interact with stakeholders and potential customers to study the demand patterns. This is done with great care, considering legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

Building the base: Implementation:

➤   At this stage, our consulting experts shall aid in the co-ordination of resources, making clear goals, and control of processes.  We put forward ways to ensure a smooth collaboration of internal (top management, IT, R & D, legal) and external (software and hardware vendors, network providers) segments.

➤   Our team is ever willing to assist your business at any stage of IoT implementation, in areas such as big data, IT security, and AI.


➤   At Chools consulting, we are ready to assist your business with regards to solving the problems of an existing IoT solution and improving the solution’s architecture and functional capabilities.

➤   Our consulting services have been stretched to cater to a wide range of IoT solutions like Industrial IoT, digitized healthcare services, supply chain processes management, and smart city solutions.

➤   Do not wait more and delay the opportunity to streamline your business with the most promising technology. Time to get started. Get in touch with us for an IoT consultation and get Digitally Transformed!

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