Hoshin Kanri

Course Overview:

Hoshin Kanri can be visualized as a game of Tug Of War which pits two teams on either sides of a long rope, wherein the two teams try to pull in opposite directions. The team that pulls the rope further away from the center line marked on the rope wins the war.

Here the two teams would be the strategic, decision-making top management, the middle management and the shop floor being on one side and poor communication and inconsistent direction being on the other end. The rope being the overall goals of the organization. Every employee, right from the top management till the shop floor level employees must strive to pull the rope together with their complete strength and focus to achieve the goals.

Hoshin Kanri is a method by which the strategic goals of the organization are achieved by persistent efforts at every level of the organization. The goals conceived by top management must be aligned with the plans executed by the middle management and must be delivered accordingly by the workers. Only then will the progress thus achieved at every level of the organization ensure elimination of waste and derive desired results.

Who Can Enroll:

Leaders in strategic planning, operation managers, supervisors, executives, and senior managers who report to the top managers.

Learning Outcome:

Participants shall be introduced to the concept of Hoshin Kanri, history and examples of the same.

Step-by-step guide to creating a system of Hoshin Kanri.

Course Features:

Professionally planned, prepared, and presented.

Guidelines and Support material is provided to all participants.

Certificate of training completion.

Support from subject matter experts.

To achieve certification, participants shall achieve 80% in CHOOLS exam

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Course Outline

Introduction to Hoshin Kanri

Creating a plan, developing tactics, taking required actions, review and revision of plans.