Happiness at workplace

➤   How does happiness affect your work?

➤   Are happy workers more productive or just happier?

➤   Why is happiness important for improving performance?

➤   To answer those questions, we shall let these statistics talk for themselves.

✔   Studies have shown that happy workers are 37% better at selling and three time more creative than unhappy employees.

✔   Happy employees experience 31% higher productivity.

✔   Employees who report being happy at work take 10 times fewer sick days.

✔   You do not get to the top 100 list without happy employees.

(statistics courtesy: Talent works blogs)

➤   It has always been a topic of research if there is a real connection between Happiness and productivity. Notwithstanding this argument, happiness at work has traditionally been recognized as a promising derivative of positive outcomes at work. Companies with a greater employee happiness quotient exhibit greater efficiency, positive financial metrics, and customer satisfaction.

➤   Happy employees exhibit the following qualities:

✔   They care about the organization and are focused on helping achieve its goals.

✔   They are highly engaged and make their presence felt in the organization.

✔   They are more alert and pro active to the needs and wants of the customer.

✔   They are more loyal and stay longer with their employer.

✔   They are physically and mentally healthier than their unhappy counterparts.

✔   They are more prepared to take risks, as they are creative thinkers.

It is clear how imperative it is for a manager to be mindful of his employee’s happiness as the top priority.

“Always let your employees come to work with a smile”- Jack Ma

➤   Our Consulting services help keep your employee’s happiness quotient high:

✔   Try keeping bullies away. One bully can damage the happiness of your whole department.

✔   Ensure your employees are compensated fairly within the allocated budget of the department.

✔   Try giving constructive feedbacks. No one likes to feel incompetent.

✔   Promotions for good work can motivate employees to work even better.

✔   Set an example and be approachable, and pleasant.

✔   Build credibility and invoke respect.

✔   Respect at workplace must be your

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