Go To Market Strategy

Go – To – Market Strategy

➤   Delivering Impactful results:


➤   Organizations can seek a go-to-market strategy for a wide range of events, that include setting afloat a new product or service, or introducing existing product into a new market, to understand the customer better, to develop a product according to his needs and wants, and ultimately convincing him to buy the product.   

➤   An effective go–to–market solution is an impactful one designed and taken care of right from the targeting to the execution phase. At Chools Consulting we apply our on–the–ground experience and our marketing expert team would design high impact solutions right from the start to suit your business goals.

How Chools Consulting helps?

➤   Vision, Mission, and Passion: We help your business craft a clear message to the customer right from the early stages, to echo the vision, mission, and passion of your business into it.  Our consultants will be there to create a customer connect by resonating their needs and wants.

➤   Creating a Roadmap: We chalk the different routes that your business could take to reach your target customers and assist with the sales and support strategy that ought to be adopted to achieve the same.

➤   Organizational deep dive: Our Chools expert team would take a deep dive to understand the capabilities of various departments in your business, like sales, distribution, marketing, and customer service. This becomes vital to interpret your business’s advantages and the areas your business needs to strengthen before the go-to-market strategy is rolled out through the organization.

➤   Targeting the customer base: Our consultants are well equipped with the knowledge to figure out from a marketing standpoint, how to attract people who are interested in your business. Customer engagement is the base to target an effective go-to-market strategy.

➤   Defining the USP: Chools Consulting helps you identify your business’s unique selling preposition and bridging the gap between what the customer expects and what your business could deliver.

➤   Pricing right: Pricing is a key element in deciding the profit generating ability and customer adoption of a business. Chools Consulting help you set the right price to increase the sales and retain customers at a low cost. 

Why Choose Chools?

We at Chools,

✔   bring together our experts in strategic planning, marketing, and operational efficiency, to cater and curate the best go-to-market solutions that deliver impactful results for your business.

✔   ensure that your go-to-market solution is fully aligned with your company’s strategic goals and future direction.

✔   deliver useful insights about your customers and their behavior.

✔   aid in creating a competitive go-to-market solution that is digitally enabled.

✔   assess your capabilities and market tendencies and develop a unique go-to-market solution.

✔   ensure that the go-to-market strategy echoes your business objectives and faster results are delivered.

➤   Developing an impactful go-to-strategy is a valuable investment in the time and resources of a business. Come to Chools and be rest assured that you are on the right path to a viable success journey!

Go To Market Strategy - Case Study

The Background

Chools was engaged by a new dynamic FMCG player with an astounding potential. The company wished to be advised on Go-to-Market Strategy to emerge as a powerful brand.

The Approach

The Chools team initiated the process of brand creation by first identifying market opportunities. Space was needed to be created for a new brand in the market. The exclusive focus was placed on critical aspects like competition, customer segments and current market trends. The product optimization opportunities were identified with simultaneous analysis of the internal environment. The client’s capabilities were assessed along with their readiness to launch a new brand.

The study conducted resulted in important insights to address. Especially the ones concerning customer segments and possible value propositions. A particular young male demographic was identified to be untapped and less focused by major players. This customer segment was desperate in seeking solutions to satisfy its behavioral needs.

Armed with the gained insights, the marketing strategy experts from Chools decided to particularly target customer segments and the value proposition of the brand. Key attributes and packing designs resulted from the product portfolio created. With profit objective as a prime focus, competitive prices were adopted to remain closely competitive. The brand was strategically placed at the chosen targeted sales points through the distribution channel with extensive geographic coverage plan. The market communication plan had all the implementation techniques of creating brand awareness to the target audience using digital channels. A systematic marketing organization structure was developed to ensure effective execution of the strategy.

The Results

With the sincere implementation of Chools’ marketing strategies, the client successfully launched its new brand. The distributors were aptly appointed and the products were selectively placed at desired sales points. The campaign launched attained its desired outcome with pronounced brand recognition within a few months of the launch.

The Challenge

A well-known consumer goods company had desired increased sales and improved brand perception. They had developed a new product to leverage launch to address gaps. Their Go-to-Market model needed an updated approach. The client turned to Chools for professional assistance in launching their new product in the market with exceptionally crafted Go-to-Market strategy.

Our Approach

Chools conducted extensive research exclusively aiming at uncovering new consumer insights. We tried to understand the customer needs particularly concerning client’s category. Insights from our research revealed a major mismatch noticed between customers’ functional needs and the client’s product sales. Major cause identified is the poorly communicated benefits.

Chools proceeded with the deep-dive analysis of the current channel partners. The analysis was carried out utilizing transaction data, field visits and interpersonal interviews. We segmented the client’s dealers according to their performance. This segmentation process was key in revealing major weaknesses in the performances exhibited by the majority of the client’s dealers.

We identified the appropriate role that was to be played by the brand. We compared the sales contribution at comparable companies and identified the client’s brand positioning in realizing higher values.

The Result

Sales related to our client’s core market saw an increase of more than 20% within a few months of implementing the Go-to-Market strategy designed by Chools. High performing dealers were specifically identified, rewarded and accordingly their territory allocation was increased. That dramatically boosted the loyalty and morale of the top dealers. Customer needs were better understood. Client’s product portfolio was realigned. With the new brand position, its value perception saw a significant boost. The contribution increased in the higher-margin products.

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