Frontline Lean Engagement Program – 2 days

Course Overview:

Lean strategies are the most effective. They transform processes. Result in higher productivity and profitability. The base to go Lean is eliminating waste. The first step, is formulating the strategy and committing to it. By the leadership. This strategy will not be executed unless you get the Frontline’s engagement. This course, targets directing front liners, to a new way of thinking. It transforms the waste in their workplace to value. The participants will be exposed to Lean methodologies. The 8 wastes. And apply them to their processes. The course will display the concepts in a simple form. Understandable to the front liners. It will provide tools, which could be used to highlight, and eliminate waste, relevant to case studies.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand and apply Lean methodologies.
  • Understand the company KPIs.
  • Simulating the Process
  • Understand and identify 8 types of waste.
  • Understand and use the Root cause analysis tools.
  • Understand and apply Kaizen.
  • Use kaizen and one point lesson tools.

Course Features:

  • Frontlines program across all processing in manufacturing and services organizations.
  • Material and templates included in course cost.
  • To achieve certification, participants shall achieve 80% in CHOOLS exam for course only.
  • Course could be customized for organization requirements including company LOGO.
  • A maximum of 15/Class

Why Choose Chools?

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Course Outline:

  • Introduction to lean and Kaizen
  • Identify process Key performance measures
  • Types of waste.
  • Process simulation: VSM
  • ‘5S’ program
  • Root Cause analysis: Concept and tools
  • Kaizen and continuous improvement: concept and tools
  • One point lessons