Developing Leadership Presence and Power


The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill for all senior leaders in modern day business, politics, or academic world and yet it is a skill that is rarely taught. This CHOOLS Developing Senior Leadership Presence and Power training seminar has been specifically designed to develop the communication competencies of senior personnel who need
to deliver powerful, memorable and engaging messages to individuals or groups. Power relies not on hierarchy but in a person’s ability to persuade others ethically to buy-in and implement concepts, methodology and outcomes. Delegates will learn about the importance of: behavioural leadership; versatility; powerful public speaking, and platform skills; creating charisma through powerful persuasion techniques; pitch perfect planning; meetings management and advanced communication techniques. This Management & Leadership training course on Developing Senior Leadership Presence and Power is essential development for senior leaders who want to influence others with integrity and legitimacy.

This training course will feature:

Influencing with integrity

Advanced behavioural leadership techniques

➤  Powerful public speaking and platform skills

 Crystal clear communication models

➤  Perfect presentation planning processes

 Using media to enhance your message


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

Recognise the importance of behavioural versatility in leadership

 Create powerful and memorable messages

Harness nerves to present in a professional and persuasive manner

Plan and execute the perfect presentation

Handle media and the media

Recognise the skills that create charisma and model them

Training Methodology

This Management & Leadership training course on Developing Senior Leadership Presence and Power will utilise a variety of proven highly interactive adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes facilitated group and individual exercises, case studies, role-play, videos etc. The instructor will also facilitate learning by encouraging the delegates to test and critically appraise any theories and concepts on this training seminar.

Who Should Attend?

This CHOOLS Management & Leadership training seminar on Developing Senior Leadership Presence and Power is designed to improve the confidence of individuals who, as part of their corporate responsibilities, have to make presentations, influence or build legitimate power with individuals, groups or conferences.



Influencing with Integrity

The Art of Building Lasting Rapport

How to Identify Behavioural Traits and React to Them

 Audience Focused SMART Objectives

Researching the Audience and Responding to Behavioural Patterns

Create Trust and Commitment in Colleagues and Clients

The Secrets of Charisma and Confidence


Creating the Right Message

What makes a speaker appear powerful?

Harnessing and Controlling Nerves in a Creative Way

Techniques to Influence Others

The Techniques and Secrets of Top Presenters

Improving the Power of Your Message

The Rule of Three – Using a Message House

Conscious and Sub-conscious Messages


The Importance of Body Language

Assertiveness: The Importance of Good Eye Contact, Stance and Confidence

Body Language and The Part it Plays in Presentations

The Non-verbal Impact of Presentations

Using the Body to Create Impact

The Importance of Gestures

Rehearsal, Notes and Memorisation


Effective Use of Voice and Tone

The Vocal Skills of Top Presenters

Increased Emphasis, Tonality and Tonal Marking

Breathing, Vocal Resonance Projection and Pitch

The Power of the Pause and Speed Variation

Language Patterns and Mutual Respect

Keeping Your Audience Interested, Engaged and On-side


Perfecting the Planning Process

 Venue Considerations and Why they are so Important

  The Differing Skills For Small or Platform Presentations

Content and the Message the Audience Receives

Visual Aids: What Are They and How They Should Be Used

 Presenting for Maximum Impact

How to Handle the Media