Change Leadership

Course Overview:

The only constant is change and in the advancement and growth journey of any company, change is inevitable but the challenge lies in how we lead the change rather than manage it to attain and sustain the required outcomes.

This 5 days course is designed to provide organization’s change leaders, process improvement resources and leadership teams  with the tools and skills required to plan, execute and communicate the predicted changes and deliver strategic, tactical and behavioral best practices to ensure a healthy change. The course will also tackle how to overcome conflicts and resistance within the workforce.

The course will be conducted using various methods including interactive games and practices, personality tests and simulations. The Course will prepare participants for applying for a change management professional

Who Can Enroll:

Change pioneers

  • Project administrators
  • IT experts
  • Project colleagues
  • Change the executive’s professionals
  • Continuous improvement masters
  • Human asset colleagues
  • Organization improvement experts

Course Features:

  • IACET : 3 CEU’s
  • Attaining CHOOLS Group Change Management professional Certification through achieving 80% in the exam included in the course.
  • Change management project simulation included.
  • Material and Handouts with Soft Copy included.

Learning Outcome:

  • Apply new gained principles and competencies: change intensity assessment, Strategic planning, effective planning, team work & collaboration, Problem solving, Managing conflicts, EQ,
  • Assess one’s own resilience to change
  • Understand the thinking processes that drive behavior
  • Define and create change roadmaps.
  • Apply change tools and strategies.
  • Utilize the tools in a case study
  • Initiate change by creating a sense of urgency
  • Plan change by managing stakeholders
  • Communicate change effectively.
  • Recognize how to integrate and sustain the change.

Why Choose Chools?

Access to:

• Top 100,000 Ebooks.
• 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
• 1 million excel templates.
• 60,000 business documents.

• 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
• 40,000 audio podcast.
• 550 audio library books.
• 50,000 video libraries.

• 1500 training courses.
• 2.6 million Journals and articles.
• 137 Lean Six Sigma toolkit.
• Leadership assessments.
• Quiz, Exam prep, Q&As, Case-studies.

Course Outline:

Change management overview

  • Our Ice berg in Melting by John Kotter
  • Change resilience
  • Change Road map

Six System Factors ( Visison, accountability , stakeholder engagement , skills development , policies and metrics, reinforcing behavior )

Initiate the Change

  • Assess the change : Lewin’s force field analysis
  • Create the need for change and transformation
  • Identify the change agents

Plan the Change

  • Formulate the vision
  • Understand organizational behavior
  • Formulate strategy
  • Formulate the plan
  • Kotter’s eight-step model
  • The ‘ADKAR’ model

Execute the plan

  • Plan communication
  • Study organizational behavior
  • Manage resistance
  • Create quick wins

Sustain a healthy change

  • Consequences prediction
  • Balance of consequences
  • Change controls