Understanding Operation Management Forecasting

Course Overview:

Operations Management Training is part of Supply Forecasting and Capacity Planning.

Operations manager’s objective is to adjust the production process, so that the organization output changing consumer demand. Manager have to understanding of demand forecasting of strategies for managing ability to meet ever-changing demand to achieve this task.

Demand forecasting and of strategies for managing capacity to meet changing demand.  It decreased risk and uncertainty in planning operations.

Demand forecasting forms an essential component of the supply chain process. It’s brings an estimate of the of goods and services that customers will purchase in the certain future.

Who Can Enroll:

Operations management other functional area professional who is searching to increased operations functions in a manufacturing organization.

Learning Outcome:

After completing the course you understand the nature of supply and demand

You have a idea of different demand trends based on their charts

You can introduced demand forecasting process & steps and learn about the management strategy.

This course will give you important essential knowledge of the techniques of demand forecasting and capacity management.

You’ll become expert to implement them in organization to adjust production schedules or service capacity to changing customer demands.

Course Features:

Comprehensive practical training to enforce theoretical principles.

Limited Registrations, effective presentations.

Course could be customized to businesses and LOGO added to presentations.

Course cost cover training sessions, comprehensive notes set.

Professionally planned, prepared, and presented.

Guidelines and Support material is provided to all participants.

Certificate of training completion.

Support from subject matter experts.

Industry related project support.

Material and Hand-outs with Soft Copy included.

Material and templates included in course cost.

To achieve certification, participants shall achieve 80% in CHOOLS exam

Course could be customized for organization requirements including company LOGO.

Query Handling Facility.

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Course Outline

Module 1: The fundamental of Demand

Module 2: The component of Demand

Module 3: Demand Forecasting Process stages

Module 4: Characteristics of the Three Sub strategies of Chase Demand Strategy

Module 5: Classification of Capacity Management Strategies

Module 6: Capacity management

Module 7: Planning of Forecasting and Capacity