Supply Chain Operations

➤   The Global alterations and the risks they are exhibiting on supply chain operations are growing day by day. With this comes an urge for all organizations thriving for growth to develop resilience and agility to cope with those alterations. Only 21% Organizations reported that they have the resilience and the capability to react with agility to those changes.

➤   It starts with optimizing your Supply Chain Fundamental Operations.

➤   CHOOLS consultants and competencies will use 6 Best Practices to guide your organization in Assessing, Optimizing and Sustaining your Operations:

✔   Demand Planning Optimization

✔   Supply Optimization

✔   Sourcing-Buying- Vendor Management

✔   Inventory Optimization

✔   Supply Chain Data Management

✔   Quality and compliance optimization

✔   Product Life cycle Optimization

✔   Advanced Analytics and icloud Services optimization

Predicted Gains:

➤   The primary gains that you will capture form Supply chain operations consulting is:

✔   Developing processes to ensure better Collaboration, Visibility and Integration within the different functions and SC stakeholders: S&OP, Control Tower, Vendor Management System, Just In time, Warehouse Management System, Integrated Business Planning.

✔   Raising the capabilities, productivity and the engagement of the team

Resulting in the following:

✔   – 15-25% SC& Logistics Costs -10-15% Scrap/Rework Costs

✔   -30-40% Working Capital

✔   + 30-50% Asset Utilization

✔   Resilience – Delivery /Lead times 2-3 days + 1-2 New products

✔   + 20-30% Sales Revenue

Our Methodology:

➤   Deploying 6- Best Practices in Each of the mentioned processes:

✔   Understand and Assess the current Internal and External Processes

✔   Engage and get input from all stakeholders via Focused Supply Chain Assessments

✔   Evaluate the Readiness and Reliability of the Data and Data Systems that fuel the Planning and Decision Making process and assess the ERP systems.

✔   Build Timelines for required processes: Planning, Budgeting, Seasonality, and Qualifying Vendors, Supply.

✔   Build Assessments for Vendor Management and external Partners.

✔   Build Long term and short term Strategy and objectives for each process, starting from the SWOT analysis, Impact analysis, creating a Y Chart.

Featured Clients Story:


✔   Chools was hired by 100 fortune Food and beverage company in North India to drive and develop its supply chain excellence Journey .


✔   Chools Consultants conducted Supply chain assessments, SWOT and impact analysis; followed by Developing the Y- chart and implementing the 6 Best Practices .


✔   – $3MM annual productivity was achieved – 3% of supply chain base spend; delivered through reduction in transportation , excess inventory, Labor cost and Operations otimization. 21% Increase in sales Revenue was captured.

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