Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower:

   The Complexity of the global supply chain is inevitable, however, developing collaboration, visibility, integration within the Value Chain – Vendor to business to Customer is the ultimate solution to mitigate this risk.

➤   Establishing your Supply chain Control Tower will enable your organization to collect, interpret and share real-time information; through a single platform; to detect and act to eliminate risks and seize the opportunity.

   Our competent consultants will guide you in implementing a Machine Learning solution effectively starting with an impact analysis and milestone execution.

   We at Chools guide organizations in executing solutions to sustain competitive advantage, drive world-class performance, customer satisfaction, reduce supply chain costs 

Predicted Gains:

✔   3-5% productivity savings out of Supply chain base spend.

✔   Optimizing operational performance

✔   Exceeding Customer expectations

✔   On-time deliveries at the lowest cost

✔   Eliminating Expediting costs and detention fines

✔   Reducing excess Inventory.

✔   Establish a platform that has the Capability of:

➤   Optimized Purchase order management

➤   Advanced shipment notification to optimize receiving, inspection and quality assurance operations

➤   Reveal unforeseen risks to be mitigated early

➤   Automated flow and integrated data system

➤   Vendor management system

Our Methodology:

➤   We Introduce collaboration, visibility , Integration within the Value Chain stakeholders through implementing the following strategies:

✔   Process continuous flow

✔   Just in time

✔   Dynamic sourcing

✔   Vendor management systems

✔   Optimizing demand planning and forecast through S&OP implementation

✔   Optimization transportation payloads

Related Case Study


➤    Chools was hired by 100 fortune Food and beverage company in North India to drive and develop its Productivity, Lean Six sigma, and supply chain excellence. SC control Tower was one of the strategies Chools adopted.


➤    Chools Consultants conducted Supply chain assessments and impact analysis; leading the team in creating one single platform for the collaboration, integration and visibility creation of all the supply chain processes.


➤    – $3MM annual productivity was achieved – 3% of supply chain base spend; delivered through reduction in transportation , excess inventory and over production , expediting fees and commodity purchasing costs

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