Strategy and Business Model Innovation

Strategy and Business Model Innovation:

➤   A business Model is a design to ensure Successful Startups, Growth and Continuity of a business. It Models the Revenue Sources, Customer Base, Products and Services, entailed costs and Marketing Channels.

➤   Chools competent team of consultants will guide you in building your business model and select the effective Strategies to achieve this Model.

➤   Our service entails traditional and bleeding edge models and their dynamics; innovative techniques to form your business model, how to situate your model with a competitive landscape and how to regenerate your organization business model.

Predicted Gains:

➤   Translating your Business Idea to a Business Model that would:

✔   Achieve the your Cost and Revenue prediction

✔   Ensure your product or service meets Market / consumer demand and targets the right Audience which will improve your business Market share

✔   Build the right Marketing Channels to reach the targeted consumer and audience.

Our Methodology:

✔   Assess and understand the component of your business Model: Supplier-Source, Product-Service, Customer, Marketing Channels, Revenue, and Cost. 

✔   Design a business Model on a customer insight basis.

✔   Strategizing based on the business model

✔   Evaluating your business Model.

✔   Linking your business model to the value innovation practices and methodologies of Blue Ocean Strategy.

Steps :

➤   Canvas

✔   Definition of a Business Model.

✔   The 9 building blocks

✔   The business Model Canvas.

➤   Patterns

   Unbundling Business Model

   The Long Tail

   Multi-Sided Platforms

   FREE as a Business Model

   Open Business Models

➤   Design

   Customer Insights


   Visual Thinking




➤   Strategy


✔   Business Model Environment

✔   Evaluating Business Models

✔   Business Model Perspective on Blue Ocean Strategy

✔   Managing Multiple Business Models

➤   Process

✔   Business Model Design Process