Operational Excellence – Drive the 5

Operational Excellence – Drive the 5

Drive the Five is a Focused Improvement strategy that will create breakthrough results in your Profitability and journey achieved through Overall Equipment Efficiency losses elimination.

In addition to Lean Tools, our team will execute four types of audits to reveal the causes driving low manufacturing line Efficiencies and Capacity Utilization:

As Is Audit

Multi Shift Audit

V-Curve Accumulation Recovery Audit

Employee Diagnostic

This will be followed with improvement and sustainment plans.

Chools Competent team of Scholars and consultants will guide your teams through the process using the DMAIC methodology to capture the gains.

Predicted Gains

5 Points-% improvement on production line OEE.

> 90% Line Capacity Utilization.

Standard Work & Continuous Process Flow.

Equipped, Engaged and Empowered Work force.

Automation Solutions and Interfaces.

Our Methodology


Problem Statement : Gap to targeted OEE and utilization

Business Impact and Benefits

Team and Scope


$ Value for 1 OEE Over heads /Line costs

Multi Shift Audit – Process Key Performance Measures -OEE, Line Capacity -Non utilized time, Availability losses, performance losses, Quality losses, Equipment downtime.

Employee Diagnostics

Line As -Is Audits

V-Curve Accumulation Recovery studies


Brainstorming , Nominal Group Technique

Problem solving Techniques: FMEA, 8D, 5 whys,BDA, FISHBONE

Gap Analysis- Current OEE VS Glide path

Effort /Impact Matrix , SWOT


OEE Glide path

Standard Work Strategies

Continuous process Flow strategies

Total Productive Management Plan and pillar teams

Vertical Startups -VSU



Create Balanced Scorecards for tracking

Workforce Training

Visual Controls , Andon , Poka-Yoke, Jidoka


MES/ERP — Data Capturing

Related Case Study

  • Chools was hired by 100 fortune Food and beverage company in MEA Region to drive and develop its Productivity, Lean Six sigma, performance and TPM journey. DT5 was one of the methodologies used to drive OEE Improvement.
  • Chools Consultants conducted DT5 across 8 plants – 16 production lines. Our consultants inside the DMAIC methodology used the 4 DT5 audits and several Lean problem solving and analysis tools and above all trained the team.
  • – An annual Increase of 13% OEE points was realized for the region, this translated to $5MM – 4.8% of Manufacturing Base spend.
  • Savings captured encompassed all MOH ; Labor utilities , Maintenance and operating supplies costs.