Improving Productivity

Course Overview:

Global markets are facing economic instability. All manufacturing and services industries are embedded with high competition. Customer expectations are to be met and exceeded. Producing more, with less, is inevitable. Improving productivity is a course that takes the participants through key productivity concepts, strategies and tactics. The case studies presented would help them generate productivity within their organization. Done through Quality enhancement, process optimization and cost reduction. The participants will experience a great deal of engagement. The case studies are displayed with interactive exercises.

Who Can Enroll:

  • Practitioners employed in manufacturing and services operations.
  • Those who are accountable and keen to generate productivity
  • Professionals involved in cost or profit centers, Lean execution or quality improvement.

Course Features:

  • Material and templates included in course cost with.
  • To achieve certification, participants shall achieve 80% in CHOOLS exam.
  • Course could be customized for organization requirements including company LOGO.

Learning Outcome:

  • Define the concept of productivity, types of productivity, measurement and calculation.
  • Understand the different base spends buckets within the different industry sectors.
  • Understand the 8 wastes and identify opportunities to eliminate wastes to generate productivity.
  • Understand and apply Lean strategies to generate productivity.
  • Understand and apply quality tools to generate productivity.

Why Choose Chools?

Access to:

  • Top 100,000 Ebooks.
  • 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
  • 1 million excel templates.
  • 60,000 business documents.
  • 15,000 top books in abstract forms.
  • 40,000 audio podcast.
  • 550 audio library books.
  • 50,000 video libraries.
  • 1500 training courses.
  • 6 million Journals and articles.
  • 137 Lean Six Sigma toolkit.
  • Leadership assessments.
  • Quiz, Exam prep, Q&As, Case-studies.

Course Outline:

Productivity Definition and overview

  • Productivity Types &calculation and measurements
  • Base spends types
  • The ‘Muda’ factor
  • Eight types of waste

Productivity cost reduction using quality tools

  • Eliminating quality waste
  • Voice of customer and meeting customer needs
  • Quality related cost reduction strategies
  • Improving and standardizing Quality programs

Productivity improvement through implementing Lean strategies


Opportunities for cost reduction

  • GEMBA Walks : Case studies
  • Streamlining the organization
  • The ‘ESSA’ method
  • Savings in utilities, material and services costs : Case studies
  • Barriers to a cost cutting program: Case studies
  • ideas to cut costs: Case studies

Measuring productivity initiatives

  • Key performance Measures
  • Setting targets for cost reduction
  • Benchmarking
  • The balanced scorecard
  • Communicating results

Piloting the solution

  • Project planning
  • Leading and empowering the team
  • Change management