Driving and Leading with Change

Change Management In An Indian Way – Sama Dhana Bedha Danda

Course Overview –

➤  Change is an inevitable part of life. Without driving impactful change, any entity, business or otherwise, will not be able to evolve.
So how does one drive and lead change in the workplace?
How do you pinpoint issues, before they set into the mold? How do you find early on, the reactions, and subsequent resistance to change that you face from the workforce.

 This course has been designed to answer exactly these questions. A leadership skillset that allows you to anticipate the changes that have to be brought into effect. Allowing for greater flexibility using different varieties of change management models.
Strategizing change, and anticipating what needs to be changed next. Before the opportunity calls for it. To be prepared for the various thunderstorms that every business year brings in, quarter after quarter.

To be prepared is the motto. And to teach you how to be is ours.

Who can Enroll 

➤  This course is designed for Senior Level Executives in an Industry with 20+ years of experience in their area of expertise.

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this course you will be able to,

 Understand and implement several different change management models.

 Find the change management model best suited to your company’s needs.

 Learn the importance of change management strategies.

 Intuitively understand underlying resistance to change, and how to manage them.

 Learn from the mistakes of other change management strategies, and how to prevent the same in your organization.

 Make an assessment of your organization’s readiness for change.

 Devise a plan for your organization to start implementing change.

Course Features 

 Comprehensive practical training to enforce theoretical principles.

 Limited Registrations, effective presentations.

 Course can be customized to the needs of different businesses and LOGO added to presentations.

 Course cost covers training sessions, a set of comprehensive notes, support material, templates and hand-outs with soft copy.

 Professionally planned, prepared and presented.

 Internationally recognized certificate for lifetime validity of training completion. (For this, Participants must achieve 80% in the CHOOLS exam)

 Support from subject matter experts. Query Handling Facility
Industry related project support. Career guidance and candidate promotion.

Why Choose Chools?

Access to:

• Top 100,000 Ebooks.
• 250,000 Management slides and presentations.
• 1 million excel templates.
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Course Outline 

➤  Introduction to change management, and driving change in the workplace

➤  Different Change Management strategies – What works, and what doesn’t

➤  Understanding the human response to change – Applying it effectively in the workplace to drive better results

➤  Resistance to change – Finding the pain points, the stressors that employees, middle-level management and senior-level management find when faced with change. And how to implement strategies that alleviate this resistance, to come out with fruitful results

➤  Reasons for failure – And how to avoid them. Plowing fast into a change initiative that the organization is not ready for is the last thing one needs. Finding when and how change strategies have to be applied for the most efficient results

➤  Understanding the organization’s readiness for change – Assessing the state of your organization, and its readiness for change. Effective communication strategies, stakeholder management, and proper planning.