Creativity & Curiosity Den

Creativity & Curiosity Den

What if after you die, God asks you: “so, how was heaven?”

➤   Does not the line linger in your mind long after you have read it? This was one of the one-line stories that were compiled from Quora as part of a creative writing task. It shatters all the existing old ideas we have been having in our mind all this while about heaven and hell. The idea is original, new and “out of the box”. This is Creativity.

➤   Creativity is the ability to perceive things in a new way and implementing them into reality. It comes as a combined outcome of passion and commitment.

➤   Now let us think why it is necessary to have creative people at work. Creative minds always ask questions. They like to experiment with thoughts and ideas and roll out new solutions and processes that have not been identified or put to practice before.  They are curious to find out how a job could be done differently to get better outputs. When CEOs were asked what was the one skill that they valued the most in their people, they said creativity.

So, can creativity be taught in a classroom? If yes, then how does Chools Consulting accomplish it?

➤   It is a fact that though creativity is a part of every human being, how an individual puts it to use may vary. An interesting statistic show that groups with basic training in creativity tools and techniques come up with 350% as many ideas than groups without training. This is where our consulting team comes into action.

➤   We, at Chools Consulting aim at enhancing trainees with imaginative and innovative thinking abilities. This is done through a series of training and problem-solving sessions, that help the individual to explore and unlock the complete potential of their mind.

The Creativity, Curiosity, and Leadership skills workshop

➤   Our team of experts are here to offer high-engaging, inspirational, and though inducing workshops. At the end of the workshop, trainees would be well equipped with these abilities:

✔   Adapting to changes

✔   Being competitive

✔   Revived imaginative skills

✔   Proficient in creative and innovative problem solving

✔   Being optimistic

✔   Enhanced imaginative skills

✔   Designing newer ways to work

Creativity and Design thinking workshop

➤   Design is a direction that helps an organization to develop its products and services that echoes the customers needs and wants. Our Design Thinking and creativity workshop is a hands-on-learning experience that will instill the creative thinking skills needed to support your organization’s innovative efforts.  Trainees will acquire the following skills from the workshop:

✔   Mastering the skills for creative Design Thinking.

✔   Acquiring Managerial skills required for your organization’s culture.

✔   Skills to put Design Thinking into action.

✔   Practically applying Creative problem-solving techniques to the challenges of the organization.

➤   The future belongs to the curious. Get curious, get creative, Come to Chools, and live life as a journey to see the extra-ordinary from the simplest of things.

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