Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Management

Global logistic challenges across the different O&G activities

Global logistic challenges across the different O&G activities

Logistics and transportation have always been challenging areas for Oil and Gas companies, irrespective of whether they operate in the upstream, midstream, or downstream sectors.

As the O & G sector is subject to high standards of HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) constraints, it becomes more difficult to handle the planning and managing of activities.

The data culture and access to logistics and focus on constructive end-to-end logistics is limited in the O & G sector as the skills required in this field are mostly technical in nature.

There are certain strategic steps that an organization could implement in order to tackle the bottlenecks thus creating and improving the logistics performance.

The Certified Logistics, transportation and distribution program is designed for logistics professionals across all industries, especially :

Logistics managers/engineers

Supply chain logistics managers

Traffic managers

Transportation/fleet managers

Warehouse operations/distribution managers

Reverse logistics managers

The Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) certification provides you with the information you need to meet today’s supply chain logistics challenges. Created with a team of subject matter experts, the CLTD designation covers a comprehensive body of knowledge that sets the global standard for best practices in logistics, transportation and distribution.

Opportunities – A CLTD designation helps you to stand out of the crowd and increases your professional value.

Transformation – Innovate and bring positive changes to your organization thereby transforming it to global standards

Stay updated – Be up to date  with the leading logistics trends and advancements in the industry globally.

Recognition – Being recognized as a logistics expert improves your confidence.

Optimization – Helps you to reduce the cost and increase the profitability of your organization by the optimised use of its resource.

Why Choose Chools?

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The CLTD program broadly outlines the following :

Module-1: Logistics and Supply Chain Overview

Module-2: Capacity Planning and Demand Management

Module-3: Order Management

Module-4: Inventory and Warehouse Management

Module-5: Transportation

Module-6: Global Logistics Considerations

Module-7: Logistics Network Design

Module-8: Reverse Logistics and Sustainability