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Are you a writer who knows how to engage the audience? Do you know how to cater to a niche market, and grab their attention? When we say niche, we mean people who lead mammoth organizations. People who are looking for ways to better their style of leadership, and increase productivity throughout the workforce.

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Coming from a business perspective, we know how hard it is to find the content you need to drive your business to greater heights. Content that you can use, content that you can remake and rephrase into whatever you need it to be.
Look no further, because we have exactly what you are looking for. We have content that is worth its weight in gold. And by gold, we mean the metaphorical one that begets actual success in career paths. Including 500000+ eBooks on various management topics.

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For those who are experts in niche courses like Supply Chain, Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, Project management, and Consulting. Collaborate with us to be an instructor. A world of opportunities awaits you at our doorstep. Go through our website to know which courses you hold expertise in, and contact us to conduct these courses throughout the globe.
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Do you know people who need to upskill themselves and train to be better leaders? Do you know people in the upper levels of a company’s hierarchy who need to be lean six sigma certified?
Do you want to be responsible for creating better leaders, and a more productive workforce?

Partner with us to be the bridge between Chools and them. Our course curriculum, our training professionals and our training methodologies, will all be at your disposal.

Become a Franchisee of Chools Group and find new avenues to sell our content. We will help you set up base in your city. Go Big and Grow Big with us by becoming a ChooLion.
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