Today is the day. Live it.

A girl walked to office every day. Every day she was determined to make some attempt to improve in life. However, she ended up having the same day as yesterday. It would annoy her most of the time. One day, she happened to walk past an old woman who was feeble and was having trouble walking on her own. The old woman wanted her to help her to go to a place which was close to her office. She offered to help even when she knew it would mean running late to office. The old woman was dressed in an old fashioned way. She looked neat and compassionate. She told her stories about her youthful days as they crossed a middle school. The time when she had to go with her husband and their two kids on a single motorbike along the same road. While they were crossing a market, she told her about the time when  her neighbors started recognizing her as the happy-mother-of-the-girl-who-got-state-rank at the vegetable store. She recollected the time when her husband embraced her most tenderly and kissed her amidst a crowd of kith and kin during their 60th anniversary at a wedding hall that they passed by. She kept on chattering away all those lovely moments she could remember. Then finally when they reached their destination the old lady disclosed that she taken all the pains to walk so much just so that she could relive all those moments. It was a small house where the old woman lived alone and cooked for herself. Her husband had passed away and her children had settled in different parts of the world and hardly had any time to even talk to her. Still she was happy with the life she lived because she had some good memories to carry on for eternity. The girl knew she was never going to reach office on time still she felt something different about the day. A lesson learned and the day was better than yesterday.   

Learning:  Make everyday count. Because a moment is for the moment and is never going to be there until you make a memory of it. Appreciate every bit of life and embrace everything that happens to you, joy or sorrow in the same manner, for everything has a higher purpose in life. Fall in love with anything or anyone, break free and set your sights high. Hold your heads up and walk steadily because you have every right to do so. You are your own master, dream a dream and live it with absolutely no regrets. Sometimes people come into your life with no reason, acknowledge and take the best experience out of it. Learn as much as you can from the individual or the situation for you were destined to know it all.