M A D – Make A Difference

Once upon a time there was a huge fire in a forest. All the animals were afraid and were running for their lives. Suddenly out of the dense smoke a bird appeared and dropped some water from its beak into the fire. She flew to a nearby pond, took some water from it in its beak and flew again towards the fire to drop it. She was repeatedly doing it.

A monkey noticed the bird’s actions and started laughing at it, but this did not deter the bird’s determination.

So the monkey now commented, “Excuse me Miss Bird, you cannot extinguish this dense fire by little drops of water”.

The bird didn’t get affected by the monkey’s word and continued its work.

The monkey’s ego got hurt it shouted, “Hello you foolish bird, no matter how hard you try you can never extinguish the fire, so better follow me so that at least you can be saved”.

The bird now replied ” You want to run away then go, I don’t have any hard feelings”.

The monkey shouted “The fire will burn you.”

The bird now said ” Whenever in future people discuss about the fire in this forest, I don’t want my name to be taken along with those animals who fled from the forest by seeing the fire. My name will be in the list of doers who did at least something to get rid of the fire.”

Learning:  Sometimes it happens with most of us that we feel things are not being done as they should be. We feel that we can do it better. At that time, something from inside stops us from taking an initiative or action. What is it? – It is a fear, “WHAT WILL ‘THEY’ THINK ABOUT ME?”. Most of the time we are too concerned with what will others think about us if we do something that is different. In the above story ‘THEY’ refers to the monkey. The only work ‘THEY’ are good at is giving advices (and most of the time it is  negative and discouraging) which of course is absolutely free of cost. Individual leadership simply  revolves around one word that is  “Initiative/Action” unhesitatingly. All successful people in this world till date are extraordinary ‘Leaders’ – Just because they never hesitated and held themselves back in taking initiatives/action. They never bothered that the world will call them mad or something else. For them M A D means Make A Difference. Praise the virtues of their fearlessness and audacity. Audacity augments courage; hesitation only fear and inaction. Someone has rightly said: A single unhesitating positive action is thousand times more powerful than hundred good intentions.