Aap – self

Vichaarae – contemplates, knows

Parkhae – determine

Heera – diamond

The one who contemplates and alerts the self within us able to test the worth of diamond inside.


I heard a beautiful story today about a king who put up a challenge to test fake stones from real diamonds. Most people failed but in the end a blind man took up the challenge. He took out the entire collection in the hot sun, came back after 10 minutes and separated the fake stones from real diamonds. “How did you succeed when those with eyes failed?” Asked the king.

“In the heat of the sun”, explained the wise man, “the fake stones of glass got heated while real diamonds remained cool. That’s the quality of diamonds, they remain cool even when they face heated circumstances.

Life brings a lot of uneasy, unfavourable circumstances that test our patience. But the people with true qualities are like real diamonds that never lose their patience or become heated. I would add a little bit to this.

It’s amazing to remain cool even in the worst situations but when others are going through tough times, you can’t just remain cool.

When you hear about the atrocities on others, you can’t sit with your eyes closed in meditation and act cool. This doesn’t mean you have to lose your temper to solve the problems in life. There are certain situations in life, where you might have to let go of your comfort to resolve the issues for others.

You might have to raise the sword to protect the honor of another.

That’s why an awareness about your inner self is quintessential. Without the light of wisdom, we would not know how to act or react in the given situations of life.