Opinions are just Opinion

There was a story of a boy who had a project where he had to draw a future house. He ended up drawing a ranch. When the teacher saw his drawing, she told him that he had to redo it because it was ridiculous to think that a boy from a poor family like him would ever become successful enough to own a ranch. He never redid the project. He turned it in as it was because that was his dream. She gave him an F for it.

Years later, he invited that teacher and her current students on a field trip. The field trip was to his beautiful ranch. When the teacher saw how successful he had become, she apologized to him and wondered just how many kids’ dreams she may have destroyed because she taught she could predict someone’s future just by looking at their current conditions.

Learning:  People’s opinions of you are just opinions. Just because someone tells you they don’t think you will ever amount to anything, it doesn’t mean they are right. You must develop unshakable confidence and belief in yourself. There are tons of successful people who have been told they are nobody their whole lives. Like the millionaires mentioned earlier, you must learn to either ignore those opinions or use it to work even harder and give you more reason to not give up.