Opportunity Assessment Services

Opportunity Assessment Services:

The seamless delivery of opportunity assessments and sourcing roadmaps is a competent skill, acquired through seasoned experience in spend categories. Our experts at CHOOLS are those accomplished individuals with mastery in the domain. They are here, to act as a catalyst, for you in the attainment of your strategically devised corporate goals.

➤   The potential value associated with in-depth spend analysis, has a positive outcome, only when opportunities are identified, to realize sustainable cost savings and enhanced supply chain performance.

➤   In our service, we believe in going beyond simply categorizing spend. Our opportunity assessment services are devised through a systematic breakdown of key sourcing strategies, which are validated through persistent simulation and testing. Our decades of experience in supply chain and category management is reflected and pronounced in the above-mentioned process.

✔   Our experts perform detailed analysis, with their seasoned involvement in benchmarking and market intelligence research. Their sourcing strategies developed will address all critical spend categories in parallel. Along with devising a directed map for easy navigation, they provide practical counsel on savings.

✔   As an effective medical practitioner emphasizes on the diagnosis before the treatment, our spend consultants emphasize on answering the important questions, providing clarity, before moving forward with strategic sourcing initiative.

Beneficial takeaways from our flexible yet structured approach to sourcing roadmap development:

✔   Identification of quick-win long term opportunities. Higher ROI initiatives. Planning of strategic sourcing pipeline.

✔   Understanding of the potential savings. Targeting high savings.

✔   Identification of category specific sourcing strategies. Facing the challenges faced during a sourcing project.

A functional and effective strategic sourcing plan encompasses two essential elements. Supply chain focused spend analysis, synchronized with opportunity assessments developed from implementable sourcing strategies. CHOOLS has an opportunity for you to have transparent access to the highlighted elements. With that, you will take your first step in saving faster.

We acknowledge the pressing need for your spend analysis and opportunity assessments to have a holistic paradigm. Our service is unmatched and armed with veterans who have dabbled deep in market intelligence and benchmarking. We take the utmost pride in carrying out our distinguished role as a strategic partner and potent catalyst for enabling the businesses.

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