Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning:

  Efficient Planning, Operational Performance and Data Accuracy is achieved by deploying Integrated Business Planning. IBP is a Model that ensures strategy alignment within all your business functions: supply chains, manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales, product development and planning.

  IBP drives Corporate Strategic performance measures including working capital, income per share, profit-operating margins, NOPBT.

IBP is a tool that enables executive boards to evaluate the strategic plans and goals relevant to the economic impact, financial, operational resources and the organization’s current Market position via reporting dashboards and digitized tools, and it underpins their decisions in prioritizing operating plans.

CHOOLS consultants and competencies will guide your organization in establishing and developing capabilities to improve functions collaboration, process integration, supply chain visibility and operation excellence. We will help you bridge restraints in operations, finance, technology to give a deep detailed operational and functional knowledge and comprehensive business perspective.

Chools Team guided a nonprofit Medicare entity in the west coast –USA to use IBP to streamline procurement and Finance processes using oracle technology.

Predicted Gains:

✔   Productivity through reduction in working capital and operating costs and improving cash flow, revenue and shareholder value.

   A prescribed structured Executive Review Process based on complete and accurate information.

   An integrated operational, Financial, Marketing Strategic plans assigning the right resources and time.

✔   An integrated dashboard for Production, Inventory and sales plans and key performance measures.

✔   A comprehensive multi- functional and corporate analysis. d

   A streamlined and agile Planning Process.

✔   Engagement and ownership of all functions across the organizations functions.

   Strategies and goals that are focused on Business performance.

   Mitigation plans to minimize the risks exhibited by market turbulence.

Our Methodology:

  1. Measure, Analyze and Model:

➤  Measure and visualize Key metrics, multiple scenarios and assess opportunities and risks.

➤  Create a collaboration ground and planning meeting for all functions.

➤  Advantage digitized databases, SaaS, dashboards, and simulation programs to perform fast analysis, and build “what if” Scenarios.

➤  Build Enterprise Models for Demand Chain, Supply Chain, and Finance chain.

  1. Build the Integrated business Planning Model
  2. Enterprise Optimization.

Featured Clients Story:

Chools Team guided a nonprofit Medicare entity in the west coast –USA to use IBP to streamline procurement and Finance processes using oracle technology.

For 35 years, the health care provider was conducting manual processes requiring a huge staff, individual function planning, Multi source Data sharing impeding agile planning and decision-making processes.

Chools worked with the team to:

➤  Establish a unified system for reporting and analytics.

➤  Shift to Integrated decision making model based on single accurate source data.

➤  Leverage Saas (Financial Software) to eliminate costly upgrade of projects.

➤  Eliminate upfront costs.

➤  Automate general ledger to reduce cycle times and enhance procurement processes.

Significant reduction in working capital and operating cost was achieved, accompanied with entity agility, resilience, compliance, transparency.

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