Driving Profitability- Value Stream Mapping

Driving Profitability- Value Stream Mapping

   Are you striving to Grow, Thrive and Lead today’s competitive markets?

➤   Are you running dynamic Operations in either the Service or the Manufacturing Sectors?

➤   Are you working to drive Higher NOPBT year over year?

➤   Are you looking for a Lean Tool that would enable you to drive your Productivity Targets across the Value Chain?

➤   Are you eager to optimize your processes and Eliminate Non Value Added processes; without compromising the VOC: voice of Customer and VOB:               Voice of business?

➤   Are you searching for the Market leaders in Lean Six Sigma Consulting to lead your organization to World Class results?

➤   Our Competent team of Scholars and consultants partnered with several 500 Fortune companies to achieve their strategic and Annual productivity                    targets through executing value stream mapping consulting workshops; identifying and executing projects between $0.5Million and $10Million.


   Build the capability of your team in analyzing processes and identifying losses.

   Build a Current State Map for the selected process and simulate flow.

✔   Collect KPIs’ for each Step: VAT-value added time, L/T- Lead-time, C/T- Cycle time, T/t-Takt time, REL-

✔   Understand VOC, VOB, inputs, outputs of each process step.

✔   Understand the 8 Wastes Types and identify sources and locations of waste.

✔   Identify opportunities to eliminate wastes and optimize processes to meet VOC and VOB.

✔   Design the Future State Map.

✔   Identify the captured saving $ value.

✔   Develop an improvement project plan using Project Management Tools: Project charter, WBS, PERT, CPM, GANNT, RACI model.

✔   Create a Change Management Plan.

Our approach- HOW:

We will drive world-class end results desired by our clients through


➤   we start with understanding and identifying the selected operations or process and business status quo. Assess the related the parameters and identify losses and productivity opportunities.


➤   Conduct a VSM training sessions and related topics, PM, CM, Lean                 Problem Solving, Design thinking tools.


   Partner with your teams in designing a Future State Map and translate            the improvement in $ Value.


   Partner with your team in executing and achieving the set plans.


➤   Partner with your teams in putting sustainability and continuous improvement plans for the Future State Map.

➤   Time frame for each phase depends on process/ operation selected.

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