Supply and Operations Planning – S&OP

 The Complexity of the global supply chain is inevitable, however, developing the effective internal and external Strategies within your organization’s Value Chain – Vendor to business to Customer is the key to sustain competitive advantage, drive world-class performance and customer satisfaction, reduce supply chain costs.

We at Chools will guide your organization in establishing those long and short-term strategies to embed agility and resilience within your operations, Optimize costs and build talent to create a responsive organization to deliver best in class customer satisfaction.

One of those unavoidable strategies for supply chain success is Supply and Operations Planning, which links supply chain, manufacturing, finance, marketing and sales teams to bring into line demand, supply and finance plans. S&OP allows decision-makers to reach consent on the best operating plan to optimize critical resources to achieve business objectives and increase market share.

Predicted Gains

  1. Increased profitability driven by lower waste and higher operational efficiency and resource utilization.
  2. Balanced Supply and Demand and effective responsiveness through reliable Data communication and stakeholders’ collaboration.
  3. Exceeding Customer expectations and on-time deliveries driven by inventory and backlog optimization.

Reduce excess inventory, production schedule adjustments, and production changeovers through effective demand planning built based on accurate demand forecast.

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