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Your participants will learn how to use the advanced features of Access 2010. This workshop is designed to go beyond a basic understanding and to explore the more advanced features of Access 2010 in a practical way. This workshop incorporates a hands-on approach to learning. They will get a chance to practice some of the advanced features right on a computer.

You can use advanced forms and tasks to do even more in Access than you have previously learned. For example, you can use Access to create mailing labels, work with queries, and publish a Web database among other things. By the time your participants finish this course, they will be able to navigate Access 2010 and create reports like a pro. Sit back, relax, and have fun. You are in for a thrill

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks
  • Curriculum  • Work with Database Properties • Encrypt a database with a password • Save an object • Set general, current database, datasheet, object designers, proofing, and language options • Customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access toolbar • Hide/unhide and freeze/unfreeze fields in a table • Modify field descriptions and properties • Append records to an existing table • Import data as a linked table • Understand linked table errors 0/0

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