Motivating Your Sales Team


Motivating Your Sales Team

Emulate Best Practices

Emulating the best practices of industry leaders is another key way to motivate your sales team. Look to organizations that have successful, engaged sales teams. What are they doing? How do they motivate their teams? How do they reward them? Spending time reading about these organizations and even asking management within them can help you home in on a handful of best practices to implement in your organization. Some best practices might include:

·        Frequent communication

·        Personalized rewards

·        Recognition of successes

·        Incentives for individuals

·        Incentives for groups

·        Continuous training and development

Reward Achievements

A motivational culture is one in which achievements are regularly recognizes. One reason it is key to discover what motivates individual employees is so that achievements can be properly recognized. In addition to the goals that you and the employee set together, take time to recognize achievements throughout the quarter or year. Provide rewards that are in line with the things that the employee has told you motivate him or her. Some achievements worth recognizing among your sales team might be:

·        Landing a new client

·        Exceeding a sales goal

·        Completing a training

·        Giving a presentation to peers

·        Presenting at a conference



Choose 1-3 Motivators

As you work to discover what each employee finds motivational, ask him or her to list 1-3 things that are the most motivating. This helps the team member get clear about what will best motivate him or her, and gives you some options when planning motivations and rewards. It may be difficult for an individual to narrow the list down to just 3 items, but this is a good number to shoot for. Ask the person to reflect on his or her goals and values when coming up with these items. Common items may include

·        Tangible rewards, such as certificates or trophies

·        Recognition

·        Financial rewards such as raises or bonuses

·        Time off or other rewards of free time


Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 10 weeks
  • Curriculum  • Discuss how to create a motivational environment • Understand the importance of communication and training in motivating sales teams • Determine steps your organization can take to motivate sales team members • Understand the benefits of tailoring motivation to individual employees • Apply the principles of fostering a motivational environment to your own organization 0/1



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